Travel diaries: Trip to Cyprus

Hello everyone and Happy new year,

I know we are rapidly approaching the end of January (where is this month going please?!) but as it’s my first post of the year i had to hit you guys up with a New year greeting! I hope everyone had an amazing festive period and has started the year feeling refreshed and full of optimism. I know i am, have you seen my latest YouTube video ‘20 Goals for 2018‘? (shameless plug). Well if you haven’t already, be sure to check out what goals i have set in place for myself this year- i think they are quite relate-able.

Anyways, in true ‘New Year, New me’ spirit (i joke) I’ve decided to start 2018 with a bang! Touching on one of my fave goals set, me and Stef took the leap and booked ourselves a trip to Cyprus! Now, you may notice an increase in travel blogs/vlogs over on my platforms (no apologies) This is due to the simple fact that i’m at the stage in my life where i simply want to travel! I want to have new experiences and embrace amazing cultures…i know i share this dream with many of you out there, so i’m taking the bull by its horns (i think that’s the phrase, tbh i’m really not sure! lol) and going for it! Starting with small trips around Europe and constant saving, i’m ready to go on these crazy adventures. And that’s a little update on me- without further ado, lets get onto Cyprus!


I absolutely loved Cyprus! From the sunset walks across the harbor to the late night dining at the bay, Paphos was an unforgettable experience. Although we went during the countries quiet period, we were never left short of activities! One of the highlights of the trip would have to be our trip to Paphos Zoo! As common as this might sound, it was just nice to have a chilled day which revolved around zoning out!


Wouldn’t want to get into one with this guy!

I would have loved more time to truly embrace the countries remarkable culture, but lazy days and beach side chilling was the perfect way to embrace the Cypriot way of living- siesta style!


I would love to visit Cyprus again, possibly during the summer period when the town is alive and booming. But i’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to tick another country off of my list! With more sites, and beautiful cities out there, the world is my oyster (…and yours!) Here’s to more adventures and a whole lot of exploring!!


I can’t wait for the next adventure!

Did you know I’m on YouTube?!! Be sure to check out my Cyprus Travel Vlog over on my YouTube channel. Be sure to hit subscribe for frequent vids from me x 


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