JC Hampers review

Whether your on the lookout for the ultimate Valentines day purchase this month or a lavish Hamper fit for the perfect pampering session, JC Hampers provide carefully selected  packages fit for every occasion!


I was recently given the opportunity to receive my own hamper and couldn’t have been happier. The selection process was quite easy, simply having a browse on JC Hamper’s Instagram page, I couldn’t believe how much of a variety the company offered. And what’s great is that no two hampers are the same, each offer a range of high quality products lovingly arranged to serve as the ultimate hamper.

When going with a product providing service there are three key factors I look out for, that’s: quality, affordability and results. Rest assured JC Hampers incorporate all three into delivering not only a service, but one that’s personal and fulfils all of you’re expectations.

If you’re like me, perhaps your ultimate Hamper consists of a girly theme, bursting with lush products and sparkly goodness. Sound good? The ‘For Her’ package offers the perfect experience to satisfy your girly needs and not to mention, it comes in the form of my favourite colour PINK! What could be better you ask? Just take a look at some of the amazing products included:



The ‘For Her’ Hamper

Presentation is everything and I must say, when receiving my ‘For Her’ hamper I completely fell in love with the packaging. Everything had been arranged beautifully inside a pink basket with gem detailing… I almost felt a little guilty to have to open it! Inside contained: 1x Large Diva glass, 1x Bottle of wine, 1x Body scrub, 1xBody cream, 1x Shower gel, 1x hand cream and one box of Lindt chocolate. Soap and Glory are one of my favourite brands so I was more than delighted to have my hamper stocked with lots of their goodies!

In addition to being affordable, JC Hamper’s also offer a Free delivery service on London orders. How’s that for great service?

A special thank you to JC Hamper’s for providing me with my very own package. To have all of these lovely products combined into one hamper has definitely made indoor pamper sessions that much more enjoyable! Not to mention, they can make for the ultimate gift. Whether its an upcoming birthday or baby shower, you can rest assured JC Hampers will take upmost care in stocking your hamper with all of the necessities. What are you waiting for, contact JC hampers today for your very own specially crafted hamper. For further information/contact details please check out JC Hampers instagram page:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jc_hampers/

You can also email: Jchamperslux@gmail.com






2016 Reflections/New Year Prospects


Coming to you live from 2017- Happy New Year Folks!

They say when you start something new you should ‘start as you mean to go on’. It’s with great joy that we say goodbye to another year and happily embrace 2017. I know I’ve had some great moments in 2016 but more importantly, I’ve set some great practices into place to allow myself to really flourish in 2017.

With each year that passes it really brings into perspective just how many things I have to be greatful for. Health, family, happiness to name just a few. It’s also important to remember all those who are sadly no longer with us to see this new year- I know I’m not the only one with a few guardian angels up there. Let’s strive to keep them in mind as we embark on our journey this year and really make them proud.


Goals Achieved- 2016 

Its always refreshing to go into a new year with a positive outlook, ready to achieve some goals. What are some goals that you’d like to achieve this year? My ultimate goal set in 2016 was to pass my driving test which I can happily say I ACHIEVED. It’s a great relief to know that I’m going into 2017 as an official license holder and soon I’ll be on the road! (as soon as I sort out my insurance, any recommendations?)


Another goal which I had set myself was to finally settle down into a permanent work role. For those that might not know, I had been doing temping work for about 2 years. Fortunately, I had always managed to secure long duration temping roles and for the most part I loved getting to embrace new environments HOWEVER the time had come to settle down. As of January 1st (technically January 11th when I return from holiday) your girl will be starting a permanent position as reception/admin for a Tribunal Service I have been temping at for the past 3 months. To have that ease of mind of knowing I can be in a somewhat stable financial position makes me really happy. Without a doubt my anxiety has been playing up immensely due to the uncertainty of my position at work but finally my hard work and the encouragement I have received is finally paying off.

In a bid to end my waffling tyrant I’m going to share with you one more goal I’d set in place…and that goal is to travel! 2016 started off with one of the most memorable trips ever…Paris! It was truly amazing, the Eiffel Tower, a river boat tour and not to mention Disney Land! I can honestly say I will be taking more spontaneous trips in 2017 (can it really be classed as spontaneous if I plan to take them?!) Speaking of which, I’m very excited to share my upcoming trip to Portugal.  FromJanuary 4th-9th we’ll be jetting off to somewhere nice and sunny (I’ve been watching my weather app like crazy!) Travel goals set in motion!



Keeping an eye on my weather app


Future Prospects 

In terms of setting goals for this year I can’t actually think of a long list of things. Ideally I’d like to work on certain aspects of myself a little more, things like an increase in self happiness, to get fit (I joined the gym and have started running again which has felt absolutely amazing!) and honestly to be more bold when it comes to believing in myself.

I know that there will be stumbles along the way and I’m not one to say ‘New Year, new me’ but I do believe that with a positive mindset you can achieve anything. This year I plan to focus on the things that are most important to me and channel my energy into them. I’ll be sorrounding myself with like minded people and working on strengthening my relationships. I hope everyone has a prosperous year, go after your goals and make them into your reality!



Pick ‘n’Melt- Wax Warmer Review

1It’s that time of year again folks! Autumn is upon us. With that being said, its the perfect time to snuggle up, indulge in luxurious hot chocolates( getting creative with our hot chocolate photography) and of course embark upon fresh new scents which might take our fancy.

With each season that passes, I tend to find that my scent preferences alter to match. Spring/Summer= Light, floral zesty tones and during the colder Autumn/winter months I crave Warm, luxurious, rich scents. Anyone else experience this?



In a bid for fresh Autumn scents, I was recently given the opportunity to try out Pick N Melts Wax warmer +various scented wax melts. Purchasing a candle wax burner has always been up there with one of the things I’d love to try but never really purchased for myself. As a candle enthusiast, I love getting lost in their luxurious aromas and couldn’t wait to try out this new wax burning method!


Candles/wax burners make for great gifts this season and I was extremely excited to receive mine. Fighting through the well protected packaging, I received my wax burner and a range of yummy scents in perfect condition.



I love how Pick n Melt have stayed true to its ‘pick n mix’ theme, providing a candy like bag to hold the range of Melts. With so many to choose from, it was honestly so tempting not to eat the little melts, they really do look like sweets! I also received a neautral scented tea light ready to spark the burning process.



Pick n Melt provide a menu themed guide displaying its full flavour range.With so many yummy scents to choose from, it’s impossible not to fall in love. My favourite at the moment is the Strawberries and Cream melt. It’s got quite a fresh kick to it with a sweet warm undertone, making it perfect for me!


How to use:

The Pick n Mix wax warmer is completely newbie friendly! As someone who has never used a wax warmer I was a little worried about the technicalities but honestly, you just pop on the lid, slide in the tea light and select your desired scent which goes on top. And just like that, as the wax gets to burning your room becomes infused with the aromatic goodness produced by these little Melts. What’s amazing is that the Wax Melts scent travels, infusing your whole house with that rich ‘aaaah’ smell which can only be described as sheer bliss.


Lighting candles are one of my favourite ways to wind down after a busy day. It’s therapeutic tendencies are a great way to relieve stress and tension built up. I look for any excuse to light these babies and now I have a fun new way to get my relaxation on with Pick n Melts Wax Warmer! I am so happy to have discovered these Wax melt treasures and no doubt I will be looking for future excuses to get my wax melt burner on!


Who really needs an excuse? Enjoy at your leisure and get lost in Pick ‘n’ Melts amazing wax burner and Wax cube Melts. If you are a lover of new scents or just fancy switching it up I would definitely recommend their Wax burner this season.

I am Officially a Wax Melt user and cannot wait to get my hands on some more!! If you would like to check out more of the Pick ‘n’ Melt range check out their website for affordable prices: http://www.picknmelt.com



Slimming Solutions Teatox- Daytime and Evening blend

Background info

Meet the latest addition to join Slimming solutions ever growing product range: Teatox. Aiming to provide an easy solution to your weight loss journey, the Teatox comes in both a daytime and evening blend.


Why Slimming Solutions?

When testing out a new product, I always tend to have a quick browse for reviews on other people’s experiences. One key factor I found was which came up quite frequently was how Succesful buyers claimed the Teatox had been in aiding weight loss. Although my aim is not primarily focused on loosing weight, the fantasy of being able to obtain a flat, less bloated stomach is an absolute dream! I had to give it a go…

img_0942How it works

Slimming solutions Teatox has encorporated a range of natural ingredients in order to effectively boost metabolism, decrease bloating and burn fat. Sounds like a recipe for success! With ingredients such as : Lemon grass, nettle leaves and ginger included in the Teatox daytime blend, it’s no wonder this product is proven to cleanse your digestive system. Taking on the 28 day trial my day started with a morning blend teabag, brewed to perfection for 2-3 minutes. What’s great about this product is that you can add either honey or lemon to sweeten, making the experience all the more enjoyable. I opted for a spoonful of honey. The taste consisted of quite a fresh, zesty sensation infused with a lemony aroma. This made the tea easily consumable and pleasant to drink! Isn’t that refreshing? Slimming solutions succeed where a lot of teatox’s fail at making the taste experience actually enjoyable for its consumers. I give the morning blend 10/10 for this!


Evening Blend- My first impressions came about from the first instance of opening this packet as there is a very strong aroma which hits you almost instantly. This can only be compared to a ‘Spicy’ type of smell. Honestly, I was a little apprehensive at first to proceed in trying the Evening Blend- however I was determined to give it a go. Once adding a spoonful of honey as done with the daily blend my reservations about the tea calmly faded away with each sip. Although it does not attain the same zesty qualities as the morning blend, the evening blend  definitely holds it own in richness and strength! Ingredients such as: Lotus leaves, peppermint and Liquorice root help to achieve this, making it the perfect blend to settle with when trying to wind down after a long day. 



Both prouducts come with their own effects, the daytime blend serving as an energising boost and evening blend gearing towards being a laxative. Now, without sounding to crude- it definitely does what it says on the packet people! My advice to you would be if you are planning on carrying out a detox, be mindful of the fact that you will be needing to visit the toilet more often! This may come as a negative to some and if easier, try easing yourself into the detoxing process by consuming the tea’s during the weekend. Overall I would say that I have definitely ntly seen a number of benefits since starting my Teatox with Slimming solutions. My stomach has been less bloated and my energy levels have defienetly increased. In terms of fat burning and weight loss as previously mentioned my focus was not geared towards this, however I would say that my metabolism has never been better!  The Teatox has definitely aided me in starting my healthier lifestyle change and I would recommend this to anyone looking to embark on a healthier lifestyle journey.

For more information on how you can obtain your very own Slimming Solutions Teatox, please visit the website:  http://www.slimmingsolutions.com/teatox.html Make a start on your healthier lifestyle today!

Great Cakiness at Excel Wedding Fair

On the 18th of September the Excel Centre saw a multitude of brands come together for The Wedding Fair. An annual event ideal for those looking to make their perfect day exceptionally special! Displaying jaw dropping designs, Great Cakiness took part in showcasing their talent with their very own stand!


In a venue exuberating  with finely tuned details and sophisticated décor, it was evident how much care had been put into each individual exhibit. Great Cakiness took charge at stand J20, attracting passing clients to cast their interests upon their area and learn more about the company. I caught up with Denise Moore, owner of Great Cakiness to share her views on the outcome of the day.


Interview with Denise Moore

Q. What made you want to start the company Great Cakiness?

A. Baking has been a real passion of mine for quite some time now. What started as a  fun hobby inside my kitchen has now ventured into a great business opportunity- something that I have always dreamed of. Its been quite a journey and I love where it’s taking me, including expanding my range to offer additional treats such as: biscuits, sweets and other yummy treats.

Q. How did you prepare for the event?

A. I’ve been baking up a storm! Firstly, I had to plan all of my products I wanted to be showcased at the event and really consider the theme. With that in mind, you have to think of design, texture, taste and of course quantity. I set up a schedule to determine what gets made on what day and how much time is needed to create great quality produce!

Q. What did you make of the events turnout, did you expect it to be so busy?

A. Well, I expected a high volume of people but this turn out is amazing! What’s great is that so many people are willing to stop and have a chat just to learn about the business and hard work gone into the cakes. Maybe it’s the free samples but Great Cakiness is definitely feeling the love today!

Q. Do you feel the event has had a positive impact for your business?

A. Most definitely! We’ve formed some great contacts and really got the name of the business out there today. I’m very positive that we will be receiving some orders to supply dream wedding cakes for our customers planning their special day!

Q. Would you like to take part again?

A. Sign me up! I’m already looking into securing my place for next years event! Is that too eager?… I guess that’s what happens when you love what you do!



Within seconds of exploring the venue, your vision became captivated by all things glitz and glam. The perfect picture had been painted through the use of amazing elements to set the tone of your dream wedding day!  From vintage to shabby chic, Great Cakiness not only sparked popular interest at The Wedding Fair but also demonstrated a high level of service which can be guaranteed through their motto, ‘Great cakes, great taste’ With 100’s of brands showcasing at the event there were some remarkable services on offer such as: photography, décor planning, musicians and of course…selecting your dream wedding cake.


What’s missing you ask? Of course, let’s not forget one of the most important aspects to creating your dream day, finding the perfect wedding gown! Models graced the catwalk whilst showcasing some of the most intricate designs. Ranging from lace numbers to delicate silk selections, expectant brides were truly spoilt for choice. Radiant tones were created through the use of soft, ambient lighting leaving an awe stricken audience fixated upon each design. There was also a great selection in men’s wear, showcasing dapper designs for the perfectly polished groom.



Meeting Deliciously Ella

On the 31st of August Neal’s Yard Remedies held a product launch event featuring the new Deliciously Ella range with none other than Deliciously Ella herself in-store!


The shop was decked out with products from the new Deliciously Ella line

Having been obsessed with the topic of clean eating recently (Clean eating- Dirty secrets documentary review coming soon), I was delighted at the opportunity to meet the Healthy Eating pro blogger Deliciously Ella in the flesh!

I purchased the Deliciously Ella Everyday recipe book in-store and made it my sole mission to get this signed! When approaching Ella, she was knee deep in conversation. Between greeting others and answering queries she ensured to provide undeniable time and care into making that one on one experience both enjoyable and memorable. Ella is so friendly, i was greeted with a warm smile and after talking about her new product range she signed my recipe book.


Getting my recipe book signed


Neal’s Yard Remedies, located in the heart of Covent Garden was buzzing with well being enthusiasts ready to explore the new range brought out by Deliciously Ella. And its no surprise that the majority of visitors were left satisfied. Between sampling the products, experiencing a mini facial up for grabs and meeting Deliciously Ella herself, what more could you want?


The theme of the new product range consists of the use of: Cucumber, lime and rose as its main ingredients. An odd concoction you might say? Trust me this mix really works! With  a touch of zest, infused with cooling cucumber and a rose aroma, you’ll instantly feel charged whilst escaping into a scene of pure bliss!

Inline with the theme, refreshments such as Lime, cucumber and rose water was available to try.



This was definitely a daring mix!





I went for the coconut and banana smoothie…delish!



Ending the day on a high, I was given this lovely sample size of the Rose, lime and cucumber face wash and hand cream to try out at home. These products are amazing and leave my skin feeling soft and radiant. Thanks so much to Neal’s Yard Remedies for hosting this event and a special thank you to Ella for talking through your range. I had a great time and look forward to attending more of Deliciously Ella’s events. Check them out here : http://deliciouslyella.com/events/

Also visit Neal’s Yard Remedies for great products, including the Deliciously Ella range http://www.nealsyardremedies.com/


My Bucket List- Top 10

‘Aren’t you a little young to have a bucket list’?

No. I don’t believe there is a certain age you need to reach in order to plan a bucket list. If there are adventures you would like to experience, now’s the time to plan them! Whether your more on the spontaneous side- or like me, enjoy having things planned to the fine detail…creating a bucket list is a great way to set yourself life goals. No doubt this will continually change and expand but in no particular order, here goes…


  1. The Northern Lights/Igloo hotel
Chilling out! The hotel property is made up of 40 glass and snow igloos - and all are temperature-controlled

I would love, love, love to see the northern lights from the comfort of one of these amazing igloos. Just look at it, how breath-taking. What an experience this would be!

Image result for igloo and northern lights

2. Christmas stay at Lapland 

Image result for lapland

I would love to visit Lapland during the month of December. I love the festive season and it would be so awesome to go here!

3. Snorkelling

Image result for snorkeling

Maybe I’ll find Nemo while I’m down there?


4. Honeymoon in Hawaii

Image result for Hawaii

Say no more


5. Eat Pizza in Italy

Image result for heart shaped pizza


6.  Swim under a Water fall

Image result for swim under a waterfall

7. Go shopping in Dubai

Image result for Dubai


8. Camel ride with a pyramid view


Wouldn’t this be amazing?


9. Cross the Glass Bridge in China


Have a feeling I’d chicken out of this one


10. Alpine Slide


Found in Switzerland- this would be epic!


The Body Shop: Dare To Mask Event Review

I was recently invited by my local Body Shop to attend their Dare to Mask face party event. I’ve been on a quest lately to update my beauty products and whilst different products are constantly being released, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming finding the perfect product for you. Know what I mean?

When the store manager informed me that the event would include a free consultation and demonstration of their face mask range I couldn’t be happier! It was so great being able to talk to a trained professional about the benefits of each mask and the importance of the ingredients used. I have quite sensitive skin as well as my previously mentioned nut allergy so I have to be very selective when picking up products.

My session started with addressing my allergies and establishing a face mask suitable for sensitive skin. I got to try out the Ethiopian Honey deep nourishing facemask. Even the name sounds yummy! Starting with a cleanse, the consultant applied toner to my face and neck. As we discussed the importance of the T-zone area, I was able to build an understanding of the areas she would be focusing on.

Onto the main event- the Ethiopian Honey deep nourishing facemask. Did you know that most of The Body Shop’s face mask range are Vegan friendly? This one was 100% vegetarian friendly. It spread so easily with the facial mask brush as if the honey were melting into my skin.It honestly smelt so amazing! Imagine dessert but for you face, I was lost in an indulgent frenzy. My face became drizzled in goodness and I had to let it sit for a good 5 mintues.


Smothered in honey goodness

What’s better than some biscuits and a non-alcoholic mojito to pass the time?


Final Result

Rounding up my treatment, it was time to wash away the honey mask and unveil my pampered skin. Would I see a difference? My verdict: ABSOLUTELY. The Ethiopian Honey deep nourishing facemask not only left my skin feeling softer, there was also a radiant glow which I noticed instantly!

And as if that wasn’t enough, take a look at all of my sample goodies given to me to try. I am so excited to get stuck into these products and review them.



A huge thank you to The Body Shop for providing this face mask treatment. It really is beneficial to try before you buy. I now feel a bit more confident in finding products suitable for my sensitive skin type and can’t wait to get my hands on the right purchase.

Product review post coming soon!




A Summer’s Day

British summer comes with no guarantee and whilst we’ve been having such great weather this month, it’s important to soak up the sun at any given opportunity!

Doing what I do best, I decided to whip out my  camera and embark on an adventure day with my friend. I’m currently trying to build a portfolio to show for my love in photography and thought it would be a great opportunity to get some nature shots.


Starting with my beautiful friend Evelynne, she was giving me all sorts of life in her ‘Are you ready’ Zara top.

Clearly out of my depths I attempted to balance and jump off of a pole in the park all in the spirit of getting a good picture. Did I do well?


Nature and Pollution

Walking past a lake, we saw a family of ducks enjoying a swim. What seemed like a perfect photo opportunity was also a little wake up call. Can you see the contrast between nature and pollution in these photo’s? The natural habitat of these creatures have been compromised, forcing them to adapt…it’s all abit sad to be honest.




Flower Power

Now one of my favourite elements of nature, flowers. I love taking photos of flowers, from capturing the range of vibrant colours to the wide spectrum of intricate detail- flowers make for the perfect close up shot!



I Love Sunflowers


Isn’t this so chic for a pub?



An Asparagus plant?! – we’ll get into that…

The Cutest Garden

Have you seen my friends garden?! I personally think its so cute and filled with dozens of blog worthy design aspects that I had to share with you guys.



Tutu-The trained robin

My friend’s mum is a keen gardener and very enthusiastic when it comes to nature. Speaking of which, I’d like you to meet Tutu.. their ‘pet’ robin. This bird is actually trained and has taken habit to greeting them for food whenever they venture into the garden…this includes guests! Tutu co-operated with me for a few shots so lets give her some limelight.


A few more pretty bits and bobs…



Shot of the day


Remember that asparagus plant I mentioned earlier? Who knew that they actually bloom into a beautiful flower like the one above? Not me. I think this was actually my photo highlight of the day because I found its design so tranquilizing.

I had a great day exploring nature with my friend and adding to my portfolio, I think I got some great shots- how about you?

Thank you for reading, you can guarantee I will be posting more on my photography venture’s now that I have made up my mind to pursue this I’m hoping to embark on a few projects!

A relaxing massage review: Jo Malone

Chat Image/Logo

I recently visited the Jo Malone store based in my local area and was left completely satisfied with my experience.

Having originally entered the store in the hopes of browsing and sampling products in their new range. I was pleasantly surprised to have been offered a complimentary arm massage.

I have never had the pleasure of experiencing a massage before, let alone an arm massage! I was delighted at the opportunity and honestly couldn’t have said yes quick enough.

IMG_9139  As you can see the massaging station was laid out very elegantly, stocked with fresh towels and lime infused water available to me at any point. One thing that attracts me most about a brands store is the presentation. Jo Malone has a very elegant chic tone about it, depicting black and white as their signature colours and radiating a fresh, modern feel.




IMG_9141Before starting my experience, the sales assistant made sure to go over the procedure with me and to also find out if I had any allergies. Of course, being allergic to nuts I am quite limited with products I am able to use. You can imagine my despair as I prepared for most of the products to be ruled out, however this wasn’t a problem. Jo Malone offer a wide selection of products ranging from fresh fruity scents to warm, rich infused undertones. I began to feel excited again for my treatment.



IMG_9144We decided to go for their fruity range which also had a warm undertone, the best of both worlds! This is usually the type of scents I lean towards for most of my products, however I must say that Jo Malone’s item range are quite distinctive.

Starting with a …body scrub, a light pressure was applied to exfoliate the product. The smell was simply amazing! The…body scrub makes for a great primer and really penetrates the skin to create a smooth finish.

A freshly steamed towel, infused with the Jo Malone signature scent: Lime Basil and Mandarin was then used to dry my arms and prepare for the conditioning process. We  used the Blackberry and Bay body cream, teamed with the sweetly scented Velvet Rose and Oud dry oil. This was the first time I had ever heard of a dry oil and was amazed at the sheen it left whilst proving not be oily at all!

For the ultimate finish, my arms were spritz with the Blackberry and Bay cologne. An indulgent scent, rich in its kind for a bold statement.

I absolutely loved my experience and would like to say a big thank you to Jo Malone for providing this complimentary treatment. The sales advisor was so patient with me and delivered a tailor made pampering session which I will never forget.


IMG_9138I also received a sample pouch of some of the products used within my treatment. I’m so excited to re-live the experience within the comfort of my home and hope to be making a purchase from Jo Malone soon!

Want to experience a complimentary hand and arm massage tailored to your mood? Visit in store any Jo Malone branch and you can experience one of the many treatments they have available!