How to: Achieve The Perfect Cake Stand



I recently attended this years Cake and Bake show with Great Cakiness and thought it would be great to put together a ‘How to’ guide for any cake brands out there prepping for an upcoming showcase/exhibition.

Having witnessed the hard work that goes into creating the perfect cake stand from previous events, I thought it would be great to give tips based on both an exhibitor/attendee’s point of view.

Time management – Make a plan

Plan, plan, plan. I cannot stress to you how important it is to make sure that you have thoroughly planned out movements. Whether its assigning time for baking prep or forming the actual design of your stand…planning really is key! Consider the key points below BEFORE you go into taking on the showcasing world.

  • Diary/Calendar– Do you have one? Use It. I find that an attractive diary/calendar tends to draw me to actually using one. If plain black diaries aren’t your thing, have a look at Primark’s selection of snazzy designs. Quite affordable and the perfect way to keep your schedule in check! Wall calendars are a good way of being constantly reminded of your duties also…please invest!
  • Quantity/stock take- This one’s really important! In order for your stand to go down as a success you’ve got to ensure that you have enough resources. This goes for: product, equipment, manpower…the list is endless! Ensure to carry out a check of what resources you have available in order to maximise your time. At the end of the day, no one wants to feel run down to the ground as a result of spreading yourself to thin! Rest up, rest assured and consider the next point…
  • Demand (popular products) If you’ve taken part in previous ideas, it’s handy to take note of some of your best sellers. Consider what your most popular products were and how likely this may be requested. Popularity sells, the more in demand the more profitable! Think smart, it’s all about supply and demand!


  • Visuals

  • Pinterest/Instagram –  You can find inspiration in just about anything, but for online visuals i find Pinterest and Instagram are my top favourites. It’s so simple, have a vision or theme in mind, run a search and before you know it…you’ll be creating boards left, right and centre! The main thing to keep in mind are any similarities/trends you may notice in the images you are selecting…
  • Colours/decorations…E.g: Colours, trends, styles, objects. Do you find yourself leaning towards vintage inspiration or perhaps modern is more your style? Really focus on this, after all- its the visuals that will most likely attract customers to your stand. Once you’ve drawn them in, you can boast about that amazing ‘new recipe’ or ‘new flavour’ you’ve just added to your produce. That will have them talking!


  • Objects – Now that you have a theme in mind, its time to start thinking about where your going to source these props/objects. I find: eBay and Amazon is a great place to start your online search. I also find with a lot of high street brands, it doesn’t hurt to check out their home ware range to see what they have to offer. 9/10 a lot of the decor can be used as props…if strategically placed you could have a vintage/chic stand courtesy of H&M, Primark, Tk Maxx…the list is endless. Don’t shy away from seeing what value you can get for your money, Pound shops are great for having great finds at a cheap price. Be sure to check out their home ware isle when next out on a shopping trip…you might be surprised. Charity shops are also a great source when on the hunt for vintage inspired pieces, at an affordable price. Why not pop into your local charity shop and see what they have to offer!


  • Layout – Now, this step is key! At this point we are now combining all of the planning, the hard research, killer nights baking away, strategic buying…it’s all come down to this moment… The Layout. You’ve got to ask yourself this vital question, ‘How am i going to achieve a stand that shows off my brand, what it’s got to offer and all whilst still being fabulous?  Well, remember that vision you had, now is the time to carry it out. Start by maximising what space you have available. For the larger designs, such as Wedding/Novelty cakes, think about how you can really show off these designs to put them in the spotlight. Got a spotlight creation that you’d like to show off? Think about laying out props in a way to maximise and draw attention to your cake designs. Think about visuals and what decor will really tie in with your theme. Using props can maximise attention drawn to your cakes and boost attraction overall!

Promote your brand

There are various ways in which you can promote your brand when it comes to events:

  • Uniform – Dressing your staff in uniform can be a great way to encourage brand recognition. A visible logo and colours associated with your brand gives clear guidance on your products and helps customers know where they can find assistance.
  • Business Cards/Brochures/Packages – Are a great source for providing useful information to your customers. Be sure to have loads of material for potential clients to take away with them. Great for referring to when they are leaving.

The Bloggers Festival

On the 23rd of September, me and my friend Evelynne were fortunate enough to attend the Bloggers Festival held at the Conrad London hotel in the St James area, a five star hotel! The event was put together by none other than the beautiful Scarlett London ( ) – who has many fantastic events under her belt! As I’ve had the opportunity to attend one of Scarelett’s events in the past (The Blogger’s Ball) I knew that me and Evelynne were in for a treat!

And my oh my were we impressed ! As soon as we stepped foot in the venue, we were greeted upon arrival by the door man and escorted up the most lavish spiralling staircase I’ve ever seen! Talk about a great first impression, and the positive vibes didn’t stop there! Upon reaching the top floor, the scenery was decked out with the cutest pastel themed balloon back drop, welcome drinks and stylish bloggers eager to get networking #Bliss

I’ve got to give it up to some of you amazing bloggers, you slay the fashion world with your stylish outfits and have the most vibrant personalities! I’m hoping that the more events I can get to attend, the better I’ll become at meeting some more of you and forming great friendships #Bloggerpals

Once we got past the welcome stage, we entered the most lavish of sceneries. An extravagant dining table took centre stage, containing various props strategically placed…this created an elegant dining experience also channelling autumn vibes! Props such as fine china, styled to create beautiful flat lays. There were so many photo opportunities and lush angles, I hope you can get a real sense of how beautiful the table arrangements were.

Can’t forget to mention the yummy treats which were available at the event. You either had the option of going into a mad sugar rush from the sweets or enter tipsy mode from the alcoholic flavoured ice polls. I’ll just say that again shall I? Alcoholic ice polls?! Yes!! Prosecco, champagne to name just a few of the flavours which were available and as you  can imagine I had to test out both. They pass!

Lets move on to the amazing brands that were showcasing at the event shall we? (Check out Scarlett’s site for a full list of brands who were showcasing at the event: We got speaking to beauty brands, skin care advisors, makeup guru’s, clothing brands- you name it!! Honestly its every bloggers dream (well, I know its mine) to be surrounded by lush products with live demos and of course…GOODIE BAGS.

We were even graced with a glimpse of Scarlett’s very on fashion line (name of line) Just look at the beautiful array of these pieces, stunning. I’m in love with the pastel hues and glamourous vibes she has incorporated into her line. Can’t wait to make a cheeky purchase! #Killingthegame

So we grabbed like one, or two…or maybe a few more (you know we went IN!) There’s no question that we were definitely spoilt on the day! The amount of effort these brands put in, not only with their interaction- but also the high end products stocked inside the goodie bags…speechless. If you didn’t get to attend the bloggers festival you most certainly missed out! I’m not even going to down play how happy I felt exiting the festival (with ANOTHER goodie bag handed to us) We left with a sense of positivity and excitement for future networking opportunities, eagerly wishing to attend more amazing events. Speaking of which, I’m super excited to be attending the Olympia Beauty Event this coming weekend (1st – 2nd October ).


Thanks so much for reading and keeping up with my blog. I’m guilty for not posting very regularly but have got some great material planned for you guys which I can’t wait to share. Stay posted, and have a great weekend all!

Just Rhibee x


Introducing: Lavish Affair Premier Event Management

Lavish Affair are a premier events team, specialising in the key stages of event management such as: planning, organising and styling. We offer a high class service in order to cater to our clients and their event needs.


Ever had the perfect vision for your big day? How about an anniversary or a loved ones upcoming birthday? Creating the perfect event is highly recognised and in Lavish Affairs eyes…this should be memorable! We aspire to bring all of our clients visions to light, aiding the creative process and minimise stress. Let us take care of all of your event needs whilst you sit back and relax…Lavish Affair have got you covered.


With our premier services, we supply luxurious decor fit for any occasion. Weddings, birthdays, baby showers…you name it, the list is endless as is the cap to your creative needs. Have you got a theme in mind, or simply want a polished look to your event? We work with you, offering consultations and briefs to ensure the highest attention to detail is applied. Transforming the simplest venue into the most picturesque scenery.

Have you got a dream cake in mind or a treats table fit for a queen? We also cater to your delicacy needs, bringing a specialist cake artisan within the team ready to create your ultimate order. Browse through our selection of show stopping designs and consider leaving your guests in awe. Desserts, treats tables, mouth watering goodies- your event will be the talk of the century. Let Lavish Affair fulfill your sweet tooth desires.

Get in contact with one of our consultants today or browse through the selection of packages we offer. Your Lavish Affair awaits…

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Sick day Essentials

This post is brought to you from the warm comfort of my bed, under the covers…snuggled up just the way I like it! Let me paint you the scene…

It’s Monday morning, you’ve just had a lovely weekend and now you’re ready and rearing for the week ahead of you. The sky is grey, the clouds are out, you turn over to shut off your 6:30am alarm and as you get ready to rock out of bed…you realise…you’re not feeling too great. Scratch that, you feel DISGUSTING.

So as you’ve guessed it, I’m having a sick day today as I’m feeling terrible. But being the blogger that I am, I thought it would be much more practical to share with you some of my essentials for gearing up for a sick day. Way better than resting right? I’m not going to lie, it’s nice to be tucked up today- but I can’t wait to get out of this slump and back in the office and back to the grind. Here are my top Sick day Essentials: 

Stay warm – Its time to pull out your woollies and cosy up under a nice warm blanket. Aah there’s nothing better than being able to snuggle up, especially to the sound of rain…is that just me? Anyway whether you decide to stay in your bed or don a nice oversized jumper, be sure to keep warm. I love having a nice cuppa when i’m not feeling great and I especially love getting the chance to rock some fluffy socks, bliss!

Stay hydrated – Juice, juice and more juice. If you’re like me, you’ll want to keep topped up and hydrated. Depending on what mood you’re in, you may be craving sugar for energy levels and this is where juice or Lucozade comes in handy. However you might just want to indulge in hot drinks, tea and hot chocolate will be your best friend in this circumstance. Or if you really want to keep it neutral- water is the best option. Whatever the case, be sure to stay hydrated and do right by your body.

Stay Positive – When ill, I like to create a relaxed environment to really chill out and aid the recovery process. Here are the top 5 ways I achieve this:

  • Watching Vlogs
  • Watching movies/Netflixing it up!
  • Lighting candles
  • Catching up on blogs
  • Reading a good book
  • Listening to music


Whatever the case, make sure you have the best sick day (if possible) by following some of the tips above. And with that being said, I think i’ll go back under my covers and rest up. This girl’s got to be fighting fit for work tomorrow!

Thanks for reading x

Travel diaries: Majorca Edition

Hey guys, 

I’ve decided to include an additional series to my blog titled ‘travel diaries’. Why? Because it’s high time this girl took life by the horns and started creating memories outside of South London! I’ve been to a few places, don’t get me wrong,  but I’m definetly at that stage in life now where I want to travel the world and embrace different cultures! 

So, to kick start my travel diaries I’m going to share my current experiences in sunny Majorca! We (me, mum and sister) are vacaying in Porto Cristo for 5 days and you bet I’ll be documenting the experience. Whether in Vlog or blog form I plan to capture Majorca’s beautiful scenery and share some of the amazing spots we venture to. Be sure to stay up to date with our Majorca adventure filled with Travel inspiration and sun themed pics #Travelgoals

Sun set at 35,000 feet in the air!

In the midst of Porto Cristo

Mum chilling out at the harbour

Local shops

Embracing the sun vibes

Love me some palm trees

Beautiful blossom tree- had to capture!

Self Love & Happiness


What does the term Self Love mean to you? Do the words confidence or maybe even strength come to mind as you take a second to reflect? Or how about happiness- the type that only comes about from truly accepting yourself, flaws and all.

To me, Self Love and Happiness come hand in hand with one another. How can you have one without the other right? Just as we are expected to show love and respect towards others, its just as important to practise that act towards yourself. In a world where social media pushes all types of images and ideas upon us, we are often at times felt drowning under sheer pressure. Pressure of up keeping a certain image, following trends or maybe even faking true happiness. This in affect, stunts our personal growth. When you are stopping yourself from accepting true character traits, it makes you really think: Who am i really living for? Is it society, ‘friends’ or truly for yourself?


Self Love is all about embracing and being comfortable with the skin that you are in. Whether you choose to flaunt your greatness or stay silent and let your success do the talking, its all about you- own it!

I was interested to find out some of your views on the topic, interested to gain a vibe on whether Self Love and Happiness was just as important to others as it is to me. In true style, you guys didn’t let me down!

So, at what point is it finally ok to  release the pressure and simply say ‘Today, i am going to drop my insecurities and just be me’. I cant/won’t compromise my inner happiness to fit the needs of others. Sure, i can adapt but if it comes at the price of stripping away my own value and all that i am about, forget it. I won’t sacrifice my capabilities for anyone, not for peer pressure, stereotypes or anything going- all that glitters really isn’t gold! And if you find yourself constantly compromising your values just to make something happen…in all honesty is it really what you’d like to achieve?


We all have goals, targets and timelines we would like to fulfil…but make sure you are setting yourself a solid foundation. Really take the time to think about what you are basing these targets on. Is it to benefit your happiness or to cater to the needs of others? Self-esteem and Self belief can play a big role in shaping the decisions we make. I truly belief that having enough of the two dangerous recipe for ultimate success! When you have a positive outlook on life, or aspire to…who can rain on your parade? Some lean to religion and some draw from the universe(law of attraction etc) but we can safely agree that both require an act of faith…this is where having a positive outlook truly kicks in. If you can envision yourself achieving your goals, achieving your dreams…then there is not a person or force on this earth to stop you from receiving that success!


If you’ve ever wanted to push past your boundaries and step outside of your comfort zone, now is the time to do it! For many, including myself it’s taken a long time to figure out what motivates/inspires me and how I can go about bringing happiness into my life. Whilst practising Self love, this really forced me to take personal time out for myself and fall Inlove with any passions of mine i may have tossed aside. It’s encouraged me to be confident not only in my decisions but also in the way that I carry myself. Self love is not vain, it’s a necessity!

To put it lightly, Self Love & Happiness rules! In order to receive the love of others, you’ve first got to love youself. Get lost negativity #Girlbye






Room Décor: Marble & Copper theme

Hello everyone!

Over the weekend I took on a little project in revamping my room and sprucing up my vanity table area. Question- Do we say ‘Vanity table’ in the U.K? I draw inspiration from drooling over so many American YouTube vids so in the event that my wording is wrong, let’s go for: ‘cute little area designated to get ready in the mornings’ lol. Either way I’ve been going a little crazy with room décor purchases lately and couldn’t wait to show you how I’ve pieced everything together. I couldn’t help but jump on the band wagon and go for the ‘Marble & Copper theme’ which is flooding Instagram as we know it! So many of you lovely bloggers, vloggers and room goal achievers have plagued social media with this chic trend and left me in awe over beautiful flat lays and pinterest worthy snaps.

Now, as you know I’m a bit of a bargain girl so I will pre-warn you. Some of the items you see in this post are: reasonable priced (gasp), budget (say whaaa) and D.I.Y achieved (girl, no you didn’t?!) Please read on if you would like to know how I achieved my Marble and Copper themed room décor on a budget! If you would like to skip straight to the D.I.Y section, please scroll down to the second half of this post. Ok, no more talking- queue blogworthy pretty pics…


Rather proud of my handy work



First up we’ve got this beautiful copper plant pot design which I purchased from Newlook for £4.99. Not to shabby aye? I love the element of contrast given by the green colour pop in the plant (Totally not real by the way in case you were wondering) I know you see that Scented candle peeking through in the background, lets move on to that shall we?


This amazing Vanilla and Sandalwood scented candle was purchased from somewhere you would least expect. Ok, you ready for this- Card Factory! Believe it or not, there was a little section designated to offering various home scented candles. So if you’re ever in the shop and fancy a walk on the wild side, step outside of your card browsing comfort zone and have a look at their home fragrance range!


Originally designed as a plant pot, this sleek white purchase came from Ikea. Apologies as I cant quite remember how much this cost, but knowing me I probably only went for it if it was under £5! Definitely does the job in storing miscellaneous bits n bobs.

9. Inline with the sleek white theme (so I cheated a little and put some white bits in, we’re not all perfect!) I found this quirky pineapple in…wait for it- The 99p Shop! Has anyone had a browse in any of the pound shop home ranges?! Their actually on their A-game at the mo and offer a great selection. I’ve had my eye on the pineapple trend for quite a while and was delighted to purchase this for a bargain at £1!! (or was it 99p? every little helps…Tesco’s don’t sue me)


This birdcage styled lamp was given to me by mum (a.k.a I proposed a swap but she still gave it to me) and I honestly love it. It ties in well with my room décor theme, unfortunately I can’t remember the price but I believe Ikea and a few other home décor shops sell them for relatively cheap.


This vintage styled bottle was purchased within the home range at TK Max for £4.99. I’m in love with the broche like gem detail and have also added a little bow to spruce it up.


Next up, featuring Primark’s homeware selection: A French Vanilla scented copper candles and one mysterious other. You know when you rip the label off in a haste? Yeah, sorry about that. But I’m 99.99% sure its a vanilla fragrance as that’s kind of my thing at the moment.


Ok, so this one is a little our of season- originally bought as an autumn piece but how cute is this copper coloured pumpkin! I just had to add it in this post because its one of my faves! This was also purchased at TK Max for around £4-£5.


D.I.Y Takeover

These next few items are D.I.Y creations achieved by the amazing moi. By the way, I’ve never actually written a post dedicated to my D.I.Y experiments so if that something which takes you’re fancy, please drop me a comment as I tend to embark on projects like the below quite often!


This marble themed vanity tray is actually the outcome of a photo frame, marble adhesive paper and a few old drawer knobs spray painted copper! It looks effortlessly chic and something I’ve wanted to have but never been prepared to spend the dosh on for quite a while. You can find some reasonably priced ones dotted around the charity shops, usually vintage which I love – or you could just make your own. My vanity tray was completely effortless to create and takes centre stage on my vanity table!


I also created a marble themed counter top using the adhesive paper on my chest of drawers. This is a working progress as I plan to revamp my drawers with white chalk on paint on the outer areas but for now, I’m loving the effect.


Next up you’ve got you’re very own designer decorative box, Gucci of course. Well, if you count the designer logo being printed to label paper and stuck on and old box, spruced up with a bit of marble adhesive. I added some pink flowers taken from an old decoration to complete the look.


Product DetailsIf you haven’t guessed it yet, marble adhesive paper really is the star of the show. Its super handy and easy to use which I love and seriously helps to transform any old item from drab to fab! Its my absolute fave and I’ll be sure to purchase some more soon from Amazon! I think I got this bundle for about £6.50



My very own Marble decorated mirror edged with a hint of bling. Again, created with…you guessed it, marble adhesive paper. This look was easy to create and looks great. I found the diamanté ribbon used around the edges on an old storage box to give it that glam factor. I’m pretty sure you can purchase this relatively cheap from most crafts shops or browse online. Get some sparkle into your life!


Last but not least, my copper coloured vase. I’d have to say this is one of my favourite creations as it was not only easy to do, but came out with such intricate detail that I think looks stunning! The ‘vase’ is actually a glass milk bottle which I purchased from Ikea. I’m pretty sure it only cost me £1 but I know there are some alternative shops such as Tiger, which offer these glass milk bottle pieces at an affordable price! (like maybe £1-£2). To create this vase, I spray painted it copper and used and pressed on a tattoo design both purchased from amazon. The spray paint itself, was £8.75 and I believe the pack of tattoo’s were £1.99. I went for quite a boohoo tattoo design because that’s the look I wanted to achieve, but you really can find a range of prints to suit you’re liking!

And that’s it for my Marble and Copper themed room décor post. Thank you so much for reading and please leave me some feedback on what you’re favourite piece was featured in this post. P.S- I’m also toying with the idea of uploading a D.I.Y vid half edited from a time zone long ago (like last year) please let me know if I have any readers that might be interested in this!!








JC Hampers review

Whether your on the lookout for the ultimate Valentines day purchase this month or a lavish Hamper fit for the perfect pampering session, JC Hampers provide carefully selected  packages fit for every occasion!


I was recently given the opportunity to receive my own hamper and couldn’t have been happier. The selection process was quite easy, simply having a browse on JC Hamper’s Instagram page, I couldn’t believe how much of a variety the company offered. And what’s great is that no two hampers are the same, each offer a range of high quality products lovingly arranged to serve as the ultimate hamper.

When going with a product providing service there are three key factors I look out for, that’s: quality, affordability and results. Rest assured JC Hampers incorporate all three into delivering not only a service, but one that’s personal and fulfils all of you’re expectations.

If you’re like me, perhaps your ultimate Hamper consists of a girly theme, bursting with lush products and sparkly goodness. Sound good? The ‘For Her’ package offers the perfect experience to satisfy your girly needs and not to mention, it comes in the form of my favourite colour PINK! What could be better you ask? Just take a look at some of the amazing products included:



The ‘For Her’ Hamper

Presentation is everything and I must say, when receiving my ‘For Her’ hamper I completely fell in love with the packaging. Everything had been arranged beautifully inside a pink basket with gem detailing… I almost felt a little guilty to have to open it! Inside contained: 1x Large Diva glass, 1x Bottle of wine, 1x Body scrub, 1xBody cream, 1x Shower gel, 1x hand cream and one box of Lindt chocolate. Soap and Glory are one of my favourite brands so I was more than delighted to have my hamper stocked with lots of their goodies!

In addition to being affordable, JC Hamper’s also offer a Free delivery service on London orders. How’s that for great service?

A special thank you to JC Hamper’s for providing me with my very own package. To have all of these lovely products combined into one hamper has definitely made indoor pamper sessions that much more enjoyable! Not to mention, they can make for the ultimate gift. Whether its an upcoming birthday or baby shower, you can rest assured JC Hampers will take upmost care in stocking your hamper with all of the necessities. What are you waiting for, contact JC hampers today for your very own specially crafted hamper. For further information/contact details please check out JC Hampers instagram page:


You can also email:






2016 Reflections/New Year Prospects


Coming to you live from 2017- Happy New Year Folks!

They say when you start something new you should ‘start as you mean to go on’. It’s with great joy that we say goodbye to another year and happily embrace 2017. I know I’ve had some great moments in 2016 but more importantly, I’ve set some great practices into place to allow myself to really flourish in 2017.

With each year that passes it really brings into perspective just how many things I have to be greatful for. Health, family, happiness to name just a few. It’s also important to remember all those who are sadly no longer with us to see this new year- I know I’m not the only one with a few guardian angels up there. Let’s strive to keep them in mind as we embark on our journey this year and really make them proud.


Goals Achieved- 2016 

Its always refreshing to go into a new year with a positive outlook, ready to achieve some goals. What are some goals that you’d like to achieve this year? My ultimate goal set in 2016 was to pass my driving test which I can happily say I ACHIEVED. It’s a great relief to know that I’m going into 2017 as an official license holder and soon I’ll be on the road! (as soon as I sort out my insurance, any recommendations?)


Another goal which I had set myself was to finally settle down into a permanent work role. For those that might not know, I had been doing temping work for about 2 years. Fortunately, I had always managed to secure long duration temping roles and for the most part I loved getting to embrace new environments HOWEVER the time had come to settle down. As of January 1st (technically January 11th when I return from holiday) your girl will be starting a permanent position as reception/admin for a Tribunal Service I have been temping at for the past 3 months. To have that ease of mind of knowing I can be in a somewhat stable financial position makes me really happy. Without a doubt my anxiety has been playing up immensely due to the uncertainty of my position at work but finally my hard work and the encouragement I have received is finally paying off.

In a bid to end my waffling tyrant I’m going to share with you one more goal I’d set in place…and that goal is to travel! 2016 started off with one of the most memorable trips ever…Paris! It was truly amazing, the Eiffel Tower, a river boat tour and not to mention Disney Land! I can honestly say I will be taking more spontaneous trips in 2017 (can it really be classed as spontaneous if I plan to take them?!) Speaking of which, I’m very excited to share my upcoming trip to Portugal.  FromJanuary 4th-9th we’ll be jetting off to somewhere nice and sunny (I’ve been watching my weather app like crazy!) Travel goals set in motion!



Keeping an eye on my weather app


Future Prospects 

In terms of setting goals for this year I can’t actually think of a long list of things. Ideally I’d like to work on certain aspects of myself a little more, things like an increase in self happiness, to get fit (I joined the gym and have started running again which has felt absolutely amazing!) and honestly to be more bold when it comes to believing in myself.

I know that there will be stumbles along the way and I’m not one to say ‘New Year, new me’ but I do believe that with a positive mindset you can achieve anything. This year I plan to focus on the things that are most important to me and channel my energy into them. I’ll be sorrounding myself with like minded people and working on strengthening my relationships. I hope everyone has a prosperous year, go after your goals and make them into your reality!



Pick ‘n’Melt- Wax Warmer Review

1It’s that time of year again folks! Autumn is upon us. With that being said, its the perfect time to snuggle up, indulge in luxurious hot chocolates( getting creative with our hot chocolate photography) and of course embark upon fresh new scents which might take our fancy.

With each season that passes, I tend to find that my scent preferences alter to match. Spring/Summer= Light, floral zesty tones and during the colder Autumn/winter months I crave Warm, luxurious, rich scents. Anyone else experience this?



In a bid for fresh Autumn scents, I was recently given the opportunity to try out Pick N Melts Wax warmer +various scented wax melts. Purchasing a candle wax burner has always been up there with one of the things I’d love to try but never really purchased for myself. As a candle enthusiast, I love getting lost in their luxurious aromas and couldn’t wait to try out this new wax burning method!


Candles/wax burners make for great gifts this season and I was extremely excited to receive mine. Fighting through the well protected packaging, I received my wax burner and a range of yummy scents in perfect condition.



I love how Pick n Melt have stayed true to its ‘pick n mix’ theme, providing a candy like bag to hold the range of Melts. With so many to choose from, it was honestly so tempting not to eat the little melts, they really do look like sweets! I also received a neautral scented tea light ready to spark the burning process.



Pick n Melt provide a menu themed guide displaying its full flavour range.With so many yummy scents to choose from, it’s impossible not to fall in love. My favourite at the moment is the Strawberries and Cream melt. It’s got quite a fresh kick to it with a sweet warm undertone, making it perfect for me!


How to use:

The Pick n Mix wax warmer is completely newbie friendly! As someone who has never used a wax warmer I was a little worried about the technicalities but honestly, you just pop on the lid, slide in the tea light and select your desired scent which goes on top. And just like that, as the wax gets to burning your room becomes infused with the aromatic goodness produced by these little Melts. What’s amazing is that the Wax Melts scent travels, infusing your whole house with that rich ‘aaaah’ smell which can only be described as sheer bliss.


Lighting candles are one of my favourite ways to wind down after a busy day. It’s therapeutic tendencies are a great way to relieve stress and tension built up. I look for any excuse to light these babies and now I have a fun new way to get my relaxation on with Pick n Melts Wax Warmer! I am so happy to have discovered these Wax melt treasures and no doubt I will be looking for future excuses to get my wax melt burner on!


Who really needs an excuse? Enjoy at your leisure and get lost in Pick ‘n’ Melts amazing wax burner and Wax cube Melts. If you are a lover of new scents or just fancy switching it up I would definitely recommend their Wax burner this season.

I am Officially a Wax Melt user and cannot wait to get my hands on some more!! If you would like to check out more of the Pick ‘n’ Melt range check out their website for affordable prices: