Getting ready for Uni featuring Old English Company

Hey guys,

For anyone who may have read my last post, you’ll be aware of a few updates going on in my life at the moment. Now, one of the areas i touched on was applying for university and filling in application forms. I can happily say i am down to my final two choices!! I am deciding between London Southbank University and University of Westminster. For anyone who may have attended either of the two, i’d love to hear your thoughts…perhaps you can give me a little insight of your experience there?

Anyways, in readiness for my Uni venture I’ve decided to put some preparations into place.


I wanted to address my living situation first. I guess for a lot of students gearing up for uni…the whole ‘shared accommodation thing’ serves as the ultimate experience for Uni life. Straight up, I WON’T be doing that! Guys, i’m 24 and really not about that life. If i’m looking to move out from home, it will be into my own space haha! Nothing personal, i’d just prefer to have my own place where i can come home to every day and relax (#Bliss) It’s not as if i’m anti-social, i just think i’m passed that stage (and ok, maybe a little anti-social lol)

I’m so excited that I’ve already put together my ultimate Pinterest board with studio apartment ideas. Initially i was hoping to rent a one bedroom apartment, but realistically i think its wiser to go for the cheaper option of a studio as i’ll need to be mindful of budgeting. Eeek, please divert your attention to the lush imagery below:

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Just think Sarah Jessica Parker meets New York City vibes! I’m loving: Pink, white and grey along with Zig-zag prints for decor! Ultimately i’d love to have a girly pad with simplistic chic decor.

Old English Company

Guys, i’d like to introduce you to the Old English Company,  a brand i have literally been obsessing over lately and once you get a glance of their range you will see just why! Being the type of person who needs to have planners, diaries and organizers in my life,  i LOVE the fact that Old English Company offer a stylish range of stationery. If you love chic, querky designs and motivational quotes, you will love Old English Company. Who said stationery has to be plain?

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In addition to stationery, Old English also offer an amazing range in home ware, art prints, greeting cards and a my personal favourite… enamel pins!! In the mood to jazz up your outfit? Enamel pins are a great way to show off your style and add a little extra flair to your wardrobe. There are so many themes to choose from: Animals, plants, motivational and much more. The enamel pins can be purchased at an affordable price ranging from £5-£10, BARGAIN! Be sure to browse the enamel pins collection here

This stylish collection is going straight into my basket as i prep for Uni. Affordable, cute stationery and chic decor to decorate my future studio…what a lifesaver!! Be sure to check out Old English’s website here.

Competition Time

 **Old English are currently running a competition!**

In celebration of new designs added to the enamel pin collection,Old English are currently running a competition. For your chance to win the below set of enamel pins, simply send an email stating your favourite design from the entire enamel pin range to:

Check out the new range here



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