How to: Achieve The Perfect Cake Stand



I recently attended this years Cake and Bake show with Great Cakiness and thought it would be great to put together a ‘How to’ guide for any cake brands out there prepping for an upcoming showcase/exhibition.

Having witnessed the hard work that goes into creating the perfect cake stand from previous events, I thought it would be great to give tips based on both an exhibitor/attendee’s point of view.

Time management – Make a plan

Plan, plan, plan. I cannot stress to you how important it is to make sure that you have thoroughly planned out movements. Whether its assigning time for baking prep or forming the actual design of your stand…planning really is key! Consider the key points below BEFORE you go into taking on the showcasing world.

  • Diary/Calendar– Do you have one? Use It. I find that an attractive diary/calendar tends to draw me to actually using one. If plain black diaries aren’t your thing, have a look at Primark’s selection of snazzy designs. Quite affordable and the perfect way to keep your schedule in check! Wall calendars are a good way of being constantly reminded of your duties also…please invest!
  • Quantity/stock take- This one’s really important! In order for your stand to go down as a success you’ve got to ensure that you have enough resources. This goes for: product, equipment, manpower…the list is endless! Ensure to carry out a check of what resources you have available in order to maximise your time. At the end of the day, no one wants to feel run down to the ground as a result of spreading yourself to thin! Rest up, rest assured and consider the next point…
  • Demand (popular products) If you’ve taken part in previous ideas, it’s handy to take note of some of your best sellers. Consider what your most popular products were and how likely this may be requested. Popularity sells, the more in demand the more profitable! Think smart, it’s all about supply and demand!


  • Visuals

  • Pinterest/Instagram –  You can find inspiration in just about anything, but for online visuals i find Pinterest and Instagram are my top favourites. It’s so simple, have a vision or theme in mind, run a search and before you know it…you’ll be creating boards left, right and centre! The main thing to keep in mind are any similarities/trends you may notice in the images you are selecting…
  • Colours/decorations…E.g: Colours, trends, styles, objects. Do you find yourself leaning towards vintage inspiration or perhaps modern is more your style? Really focus on this, after all- its the visuals that will most likely attract customers to your stand. Once you’ve drawn them in, you can boast about that amazing ‘new recipe’ or ‘new flavour’ you’ve just added to your produce. That will have them talking!


  • Objects – Now that you have a theme in mind, its time to start thinking about where your going to source these props/objects. I find: eBay and Amazon is a great place to start your online search. I also find with a lot of high street brands, it doesn’t hurt to check out their home ware range to see what they have to offer. 9/10 a lot of the decor can be used as props…if strategically placed you could have a vintage/chic stand courtesy of H&M, Primark, Tk Maxx…the list is endless. Don’t shy away from seeing what value you can get for your money, Pound shops are great for having great finds at a cheap price. Be sure to check out their home ware isle when next out on a shopping trip…you might be surprised. Charity shops are also a great source when on the hunt for vintage inspired pieces, at an affordable price. Why not pop into your local charity shop and see what they have to offer!


  • Layout – Now, this step is key! At this point we are now combining all of the planning, the hard research, killer nights baking away, strategic buying…it’s all come down to this moment… The Layout. You’ve got to ask yourself this vital question, ‘How am i going to achieve a stand that shows off my brand, what it’s got to offer and all whilst still being fabulous?  Well, remember that vision you had, now is the time to carry it out. Start by maximising what space you have available. For the larger designs, such as Wedding/Novelty cakes, think about how you can really show off these designs to put them in the spotlight. Got a spotlight creation that you’d like to show off? Think about laying out props in a way to maximise and draw attention to your cake designs. Think about visuals and what decor will really tie in with your theme. Using props can maximise attention drawn to your cakes and boost attraction overall!

Promote your brand

There are various ways in which you can promote your brand when it comes to events:

  • Uniform – Dressing your staff in uniform can be a great way to encourage brand recognition. A visible logo and colours associated with your brand gives clear guidance on your products and helps customers know where they can find assistance.
  • Business Cards/Brochures/Packages – Are a great source for providing useful information to your customers. Be sure to have loads of material for potential clients to take away with them. Great for referring to when they are leaving.

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