The Bloggers Festival

On the 23rd of September, me and my friend Evelynne were fortunate enough to attend the Bloggers Festival held at the Conrad London hotel in the St James area, a five star hotel! The event was put together by none other than the beautiful Scarlett London ( ) – who has many fantastic events under her belt! As I’ve had the opportunity to attend one of Scarelett’s events in the past (The Blogger’s Ball) I knew that me and Evelynne were in for a treat!

And my oh my were we impressed ! As soon as we stepped foot in the venue, we were greeted upon arrival by the door man and escorted up the most lavish spiralling staircase I’ve ever seen! Talk about a great first impression, and the positive vibes didn’t stop there! Upon reaching the top floor, the scenery was decked out with the cutest pastel themed balloon back drop, welcome drinks and stylish bloggers eager to get networking #Bliss

I’ve got to give it up to some of you amazing bloggers, you slay the fashion world with your stylish outfits and have the most vibrant personalities! I’m hoping that the more events I can get to attend, the better I’ll become at meeting some more of you and forming great friendships #Bloggerpals

Once we got past the welcome stage, we entered the most lavish of sceneries. An extravagant dining table took centre stage, containing various props strategically placed…this created an elegant dining experience also channelling autumn vibes! Props such as fine china, styled to create beautiful flat lays. There were so many photo opportunities and lush angles, I hope you can get a real sense of how beautiful the table arrangements were.

Can’t forget to mention the yummy treats which were available at the event. You either had the option of going into a mad sugar rush from the sweets or enter tipsy mode from the alcoholic flavoured ice polls. I’ll just say that again shall I? Alcoholic ice polls?! Yes!! Prosecco, champagne to name just a few of the flavours which were available and as you  can imagine I had to test out both. They pass!

Lets move on to the amazing brands that were showcasing at the event shall we? (Check out Scarlett’s site for a full list of brands who were showcasing at the event: We got speaking to beauty brands, skin care advisors, makeup guru’s, clothing brands- you name it!! Honestly its every bloggers dream (well, I know its mine) to be surrounded by lush products with live demos and of course…GOODIE BAGS.

We were even graced with a glimpse of Scarlett’s very on fashion line (name of line) Just look at the beautiful array of these pieces, stunning. I’m in love with the pastel hues and glamourous vibes she has incorporated into her line. Can’t wait to make a cheeky purchase! #Killingthegame

So we grabbed like one, or two…or maybe a few more (you know we went IN!) There’s no question that we were definitely spoilt on the day! The amount of effort these brands put in, not only with their interaction- but also the high end products stocked inside the goodie bags…speechless. If you didn’t get to attend the bloggers festival you most certainly missed out! I’m not even going to down play how happy I felt exiting the festival (with ANOTHER goodie bag handed to us) We left with a sense of positivity and excitement for future networking opportunities, eagerly wishing to attend more amazing events. Speaking of which, I’m super excited to be attending the Olympia Beauty Event this coming weekend (1st – 2nd October ).


Thanks so much for reading and keeping up with my blog. I’m guilty for not posting very regularly but have got some great material planned for you guys which I can’t wait to share. Stay posted, and have a great weekend all!

Just Rhibee x



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