Self Love & Happiness


What does the term Self Love mean to you? Do the words confidence or maybe even strength come to mind as you take a second to reflect? Or how about happiness- the type that only comes about from truly accepting yourself, flaws and all.

To me, Self Love and Happiness come hand in hand with one another. How can you have one without the other right? Just as we are expected to show love and respect towards others, its just as important to practise that act towards yourself. In a world where social media pushes all types of images and ideas upon us, we are often at times felt drowning under sheer pressure. Pressure of up keeping a certain image, following trends or maybe even faking true happiness. This in affect, stunts our personal growth. When you are stopping yourself from accepting true character traits, it makes you really think: Who am i really living for? Is it society, ‘friends’ or truly for yourself?


Self Love is all about embracing and being comfortable with the skin that you are in. Whether you choose to flaunt your greatness or stay silent and let your success do the talking, its all about you- own it!

I was interested to find out some of your views on the topic, interested to gain a vibe on whether Self Love and Happiness was just as important to others as it is to me. In true style, you guys didn’t let me down!

So, at what point is it finally ok to  release the pressure and simply say ‘Today, i am going to drop my insecurities and just be me’. I cant/won’t compromise my inner happiness to fit the needs of others. Sure, i can adapt but if it comes at the price of stripping away my own value and all that i am about, forget it. I won’t sacrifice my capabilities for anyone, not for peer pressure, stereotypes or anything going- all that glitters really isn’t gold! And if you find yourself constantly compromising your values just to make something happen…in all honesty is it really what you’d like to achieve?


We all have goals, targets and timelines we would like to fulfil…but make sure you are setting yourself a solid foundation. Really take the time to think about what you are basing these targets on. Is it to benefit your happiness or to cater to the needs of others? Self-esteem and Self belief can play a big role in shaping the decisions we make. I truly belief that having enough of the two dangerous recipe for ultimate success! When you have a positive outlook on life, or aspire to…who can rain on your parade? Some lean to religion and some draw from the universe(law of attraction etc) but we can safely agree that both require an act of faith…this is where having a positive outlook truly kicks in. If you can envision yourself achieving your goals, achieving your dreams…then there is not a person or force on this earth to stop you from receiving that success!


If you’ve ever wanted to push past your boundaries and step outside of your comfort zone, now is the time to do it! For many, including myself it’s taken a long time to figure out what motivates/inspires me and how I can go about bringing happiness into my life. Whilst practising Self love, this really forced me to take personal time out for myself and fall Inlove with any passions of mine i may have tossed aside. It’s encouraged me to be confident not only in my decisions but also in the way that I carry myself. Self love is not vain, it’s a necessity!

To put it lightly, Self Love & Happiness rules! In order to receive the love of others, you’ve first got to love youself. Get lost negativity #Girlbye







8 thoughts on “Self Love & Happiness

  1. KinzaNaseer says:

    Love this. An interesting read 👍🏼 definitely a strong believer of happiness coming from within first – positive vibes attract positive people negative vibes quiet frankly attract no one. It’s important to keep hold of people in your life that motivate you to be the best you can be and support you. Again, great post ! 🌸 reading this has reminded me of when I used to blog! Might start blogging again 🤔


  2. Shigufa Saleheen says:

    Love this, you are so beautiful and carefree in these pics it’s inspiring! This made me want to reflect on myself as well and take a moment to implement some self love and some self care. Best of luck in your blogging endeavors girl!


  3. Jessie says:

    Great post! Self love is something that I’ve always struggle with. Now that I have a daughter, I find self love is so important. I want to teach her from the very beginning to love herself, that she is perfect just the way she is and to be happy with the person she has become.


  4. alisonrost says:

    What a wonderful post! At the beginning of 2017, my intention for the year was to love myself in the same way I would a good friend. It’s been life changing. Admittedly, I still catch have to catch myself when negative thoughts come into my head. But I’m far more mindful now and able to shoo them away!


  5. Melanie May says:

    I strive for contentment. Being content is a state of peaceful happiness. It is much more lasting than happiness. Happiness is very fleeting. Once you are content you will feel a very freeing inner calm and feeling of being at peace with yourself.


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