Room Décor: Marble & Copper theme

Hello everyone!

Over the weekend I took on a little project in revamping my room and sprucing up my vanity table area. Question- Do we say ‘Vanity table’ in the U.K? I draw inspiration from drooling over so many American YouTube vids so in the event that my wording is wrong, let’s go for: ‘cute little area designated to get ready in the mornings’ lol. Either way I’ve been going a little crazy with room décor purchases lately and couldn’t wait to show you how I’ve pieced everything together. I couldn’t help but jump on the band wagon and go for the ‘Marble & Copper theme’ which is flooding Instagram as we know it! So many of you lovely bloggers, vloggers and room goal achievers have plagued social media with this chic trend and left me in awe over beautiful flat lays and pinterest worthy snaps.

Now, as you know I’m a bit of a bargain girl so I will pre-warn you. Some of the items you see in this post are: reasonable priced (gasp), budget (say whaaa) and D.I.Y achieved (girl, no you didn’t?!) Please read on if you would like to know how I achieved my Marble and Copper themed room décor on a budget! If you would like to skip straight to the D.I.Y section, please scroll down to the second half of this post. Ok, no more talking- queue blogworthy pretty pics…


Rather proud of my handy work



First up we’ve got this beautiful copper plant pot design which I purchased from Newlook for £4.99. Not to shabby aye? I love the element of contrast given by the green colour pop in the plant (Totally not real by the way in case you were wondering) I know you see that Scented candle peeking through in the background, lets move on to that shall we?


This amazing Vanilla and Sandalwood scented candle was purchased from somewhere you would least expect. Ok, you ready for this- Card Factory! Believe it or not, there was a little section designated to offering various home scented candles. So if you’re ever in the shop and fancy a walk on the wild side, step outside of your card browsing comfort zone and have a look at their home fragrance range!


Originally designed as a plant pot, this sleek white purchase came from Ikea. Apologies as I cant quite remember how much this cost, but knowing me I probably only went for it if it was under £5! Definitely does the job in storing miscellaneous bits n bobs.

9. Inline with the sleek white theme (so I cheated a little and put some white bits in, we’re not all perfect!) I found this quirky pineapple in…wait for it- The 99p Shop! Has anyone had a browse in any of the pound shop home ranges?! Their actually on their A-game at the mo and offer a great selection. I’ve had my eye on the pineapple trend for quite a while and was delighted to purchase this for a bargain at £1!! (or was it 99p? every little helps…Tesco’s don’t sue me)


This birdcage styled lamp was given to me by mum (a.k.a I proposed a swap but she still gave it to me) and I honestly love it. It ties in well with my room décor theme, unfortunately I can’t remember the price but I believe Ikea and a few other home décor shops sell them for relatively cheap.


This vintage styled bottle was purchased within the home range at TK Max for £4.99. I’m in love with the broche like gem detail and have also added a little bow to spruce it up.


Next up, featuring Primark’s homeware selection: A French Vanilla scented copper candles and one mysterious other. You know when you rip the label off in a haste? Yeah, sorry about that. But I’m 99.99% sure its a vanilla fragrance as that’s kind of my thing at the moment.


Ok, so this one is a little our of season- originally bought as an autumn piece but how cute is this copper coloured pumpkin! I just had to add it in this post because its one of my faves! This was also purchased at TK Max for around £4-£5.


D.I.Y Takeover

These next few items are D.I.Y creations achieved by the amazing moi. By the way, I’ve never actually written a post dedicated to my D.I.Y experiments so if that something which takes you’re fancy, please drop me a comment as I tend to embark on projects like the below quite often!


This marble themed vanity tray is actually the outcome of a photo frame, marble adhesive paper and a few old drawer knobs spray painted copper! It looks effortlessly chic and something I’ve wanted to have but never been prepared to spend the dosh on for quite a while. You can find some reasonably priced ones dotted around the charity shops, usually vintage which I love – or you could just make your own. My vanity tray was completely effortless to create and takes centre stage on my vanity table!


I also created a marble themed counter top using the adhesive paper on my chest of drawers. This is a working progress as I plan to revamp my drawers with white chalk on paint on the outer areas but for now, I’m loving the effect.


Next up you’ve got you’re very own designer decorative box, Gucci of course. Well, if you count the designer logo being printed to label paper and stuck on and old box, spruced up with a bit of marble adhesive. I added some pink flowers taken from an old decoration to complete the look.


Product DetailsIf you haven’t guessed it yet, marble adhesive paper really is the star of the show. Its super handy and easy to use which I love and seriously helps to transform any old item from drab to fab! Its my absolute fave and I’ll be sure to purchase some more soon from Amazon! I think I got this bundle for about £6.50



My very own Marble decorated mirror edged with a hint of bling. Again, created with…you guessed it, marble adhesive paper. This look was easy to create and looks great. I found the diamanté ribbon used around the edges on an old storage box to give it that glam factor. I’m pretty sure you can purchase this relatively cheap from most crafts shops or browse online. Get some sparkle into your life!


Last but not least, my copper coloured vase. I’d have to say this is one of my favourite creations as it was not only easy to do, but came out with such intricate detail that I think looks stunning! The ‘vase’ is actually a glass milk bottle which I purchased from Ikea. I’m pretty sure it only cost me £1 but I know there are some alternative shops such as Tiger, which offer these glass milk bottle pieces at an affordable price! (like maybe £1-£2). To create this vase, I spray painted it copper and used and pressed on a tattoo design both purchased from amazon. The spray paint itself, was £8.75 and I believe the pack of tattoo’s were £1.99. I went for quite a boohoo tattoo design because that’s the look I wanted to achieve, but you really can find a range of prints to suit you’re liking!

And that’s it for my Marble and Copper themed room décor post. Thank you so much for reading and please leave me some feedback on what you’re favourite piece was featured in this post. P.S- I’m also toying with the idea of uploading a D.I.Y vid half edited from a time zone long ago (like last year) please let me know if I have any readers that might be interested in this!!









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