2016 Reflections/New Year Prospects


Coming to you live from 2017- Happy New Year Folks!

They say when you start something new you should ‘start as you mean to go on’. It’s with great joy that we say goodbye to another year and happily embrace 2017. I know I’ve had some great moments in 2016 but more importantly, I’ve set some great practices into place to allow myself to really flourish in 2017.

With each year that passes it really brings into perspective just how many things I have to be greatful for. Health, family, happiness to name just a few. It’s also important to remember all those who are sadly no longer with us to see this new year- I know I’m not the only one with a few guardian angels up there. Let’s strive to keep them in mind as we embark on our journey this year and really make them proud.


Goals Achieved- 2016 

Its always refreshing to go into a new year with a positive outlook, ready to achieve some goals. What are some goals that you’d like to achieve this year? My ultimate goal set in 2016 was to pass my driving test which I can happily say I ACHIEVED. It’s a great relief to know that I’m going into 2017 as an official license holder and soon I’ll be on the road! (as soon as I sort out my insurance, any recommendations?)


Another goal which I had set myself was to finally settle down into a permanent work role. For those that might not know, I had been doing temping work for about 2 years. Fortunately, I had always managed to secure long duration temping roles and for the most part I loved getting to embrace new environments HOWEVER the time had come to settle down. As of January 1st (technically January 11th when I return from holiday) your girl will be starting a permanent position as reception/admin for a Tribunal Service I have been temping at for the past 3 months. To have that ease of mind of knowing I can be in a somewhat stable financial position makes me really happy. Without a doubt my anxiety has been playing up immensely due to the uncertainty of my position at work but finally my hard work and the encouragement I have received is finally paying off.

In a bid to end my waffling tyrant I’m going to share with you one more goal I’d set in place…and that goal is to travel! 2016 started off with one of the most memorable trips ever…Paris! It was truly amazing, the Eiffel Tower, a river boat tour and not to mention Disney Land! I can honestly say I will be taking more spontaneous trips in 2017 (can it really be classed as spontaneous if I plan to take them?!) Speaking of which, I’m very excited to share my upcoming trip to Portugal.  FromJanuary 4th-9th we’ll be jetting off to somewhere nice and sunny (I’ve been watching my weather app like crazy!) Travel goals set in motion!



Keeping an eye on my weather app


Future Prospects 

In terms of setting goals for this year I can’t actually think of a long list of things. Ideally I’d like to work on certain aspects of myself a little more, things like an increase in self happiness, to get fit (I joined the gym and have started running again which has felt absolutely amazing!) and honestly to be more bold when it comes to believing in myself.

I know that there will be stumbles along the way and I’m not one to say ‘New Year, new me’ but I do believe that with a positive mindset you can achieve anything. This year I plan to focus on the things that are most important to me and channel my energy into them. I’ll be sorrounding myself with like minded people and working on strengthening my relationships. I hope everyone has a prosperous year, go after your goals and make them into your reality!




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