Pick ‘n’Melt- Wax Warmer Review

1It’s that time of year again folks! Autumn is upon us. With that being said, its the perfect time to snuggle up, indulge in luxurious hot chocolates( getting creative with our hot chocolate photography) and of course embark upon fresh new scents which might take our fancy.

With each season that passes, I tend to find that my scent preferences alter to match. Spring/Summer= Light, floral zesty tones and during the colder Autumn/winter months I crave Warm, luxurious, rich scents. Anyone else experience this?



In a bid for fresh Autumn scents, I was recently given the opportunity to try out Pick N Melts Wax warmer +various scented wax melts. Purchasing a candle wax burner has always been up there with one of the things I’d love to try but never really purchased for myself. As a candle enthusiast, I love getting lost in their luxurious aromas and couldn’t wait to try out this new wax burning method!


Candles/wax burners make for great gifts this season and I was extremely excited to receive mine. Fighting through the well protected packaging, I received my wax burner and a range of yummy scents in perfect condition.



I love how Pick n Melt have stayed true to its ‘pick n mix’ theme, providing a candy like bag to hold the range of Melts. With so many to choose from, it was honestly so tempting not to eat the little melts, they really do look like sweets! I also received a neautral scented tea light ready to spark the burning process.



Pick n Melt provide a menu themed guide displaying its full flavour range.With so many yummy scents to choose from, it’s impossible not to fall in love. My favourite at the moment is the Strawberries and Cream melt. It’s got quite a fresh kick to it with a sweet warm undertone, making it perfect for me!


How to use:

The Pick n Mix wax warmer is completely newbie friendly! As someone who has never used a wax warmer I was a little worried about the technicalities but honestly, you just pop on the lid, slide in the tea light and select your desired scent which goes on top. And just like that, as the wax gets to burning your room becomes infused with the aromatic goodness produced by these little Melts. What’s amazing is that the Wax Melts scent travels, infusing your whole house with that rich ‘aaaah’ smell which can only be described as sheer bliss.


Lighting candles are one of my favourite ways to wind down after a busy day. It’s therapeutic tendencies are a great way to relieve stress and tension built up. I look for any excuse to light these babies and now I have a fun new way to get my relaxation on with Pick n Melts Wax Warmer! I am so happy to have discovered these Wax melt treasures and no doubt I will be looking for future excuses to get my wax melt burner on!


Who really needs an excuse? Enjoy at your leisure and get lost in Pick ‘n’ Melts amazing wax burner and Wax cube Melts. If you are a lover of new scents or just fancy switching it up I would definitely recommend their Wax burner this season.

I am Officially a Wax Melt user and cannot wait to get my hands on some more!! If you would like to check out more of the Pick ‘n’ Melt range check out their website for affordable prices: http://www.picknmelt.com




9 thoughts on “Pick ‘n’Melt- Wax Warmer Review

  1. helenevlacho says:

    I love the idea of Wax Warmer as i really like scented atmosphere in my home. Chocolate & Vanilla and Christmas time would be my favorites. Helene.


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