Great Cakiness at Excel Wedding Fair

On the 18th of September the Excel Centre saw a multitude of brands come together for The Wedding Fair. An annual event ideal for those looking to make their perfect day exceptionally special! Displaying jaw dropping designs, Great Cakiness took part in showcasing their talent with their very own stand!


In a venue exuberating  with finely tuned details and sophisticated décor, it was evident how much care had been put into each individual exhibit. Great Cakiness took charge at stand J20, attracting passing clients to cast their interests upon their area and learn more about the company. I caught up with Denise Moore, owner of Great Cakiness to share her views on the outcome of the day.


Interview with Denise Moore

Q. What made you want to start the company Great Cakiness?

A. Baking has been a real passion of mine for quite some time now. What started as a  fun hobby inside my kitchen has now ventured into a great business opportunity- something that I have always dreamed of. Its been quite a journey and I love where it’s taking me, including expanding my range to offer additional treats such as: biscuits, sweets and other yummy treats.

Q. How did you prepare for the event?

A. I’ve been baking up a storm! Firstly, I had to plan all of my products I wanted to be showcased at the event and really consider the theme. With that in mind, you have to think of design, texture, taste and of course quantity. I set up a schedule to determine what gets made on what day and how much time is needed to create great quality produce!

Q. What did you make of the events turnout, did you expect it to be so busy?

A. Well, I expected a high volume of people but this turn out is amazing! What’s great is that so many people are willing to stop and have a chat just to learn about the business and hard work gone into the cakes. Maybe it’s the free samples but Great Cakiness is definitely feeling the love today!

Q. Do you feel the event has had a positive impact for your business?

A. Most definitely! We’ve formed some great contacts and really got the name of the business out there today. I’m very positive that we will be receiving some orders to supply dream wedding cakes for our customers planning their special day!

Q. Would you like to take part again?

A. Sign me up! I’m already looking into securing my place for next years event! Is that too eager?… I guess that’s what happens when you love what you do!



Within seconds of exploring the venue, your vision became captivated by all things glitz and glam. The perfect picture had been painted through the use of amazing elements to set the tone of your dream wedding day!  From vintage to shabby chic, Great Cakiness not only sparked popular interest at The Wedding Fair but also demonstrated a high level of service which can be guaranteed through their motto, ‘Great cakes, great taste’ With 100’s of brands showcasing at the event there were some remarkable services on offer such as: photography, décor planning, musicians and of course…selecting your dream wedding cake.


What’s missing you ask? Of course, let’s not forget one of the most important aspects to creating your dream day, finding the perfect wedding gown! Models graced the catwalk whilst showcasing some of the most intricate designs. Ranging from lace numbers to delicate silk selections, expectant brides were truly spoilt for choice. Radiant tones were created through the use of soft, ambient lighting leaving an awe stricken audience fixated upon each design. There was also a great selection in men’s wear, showcasing dapper designs for the perfectly polished groom.




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