My Bucket List- Top 10

‘Aren’t you a little young to have a bucket list’?

No. I don’t believe there is a certain age you need to reach in order to plan a bucket list. If there are adventures you would like to experience, now’s the time to plan them! Whether your more on the spontaneous side- or like me, enjoy having things planned to the fine detail…creating a bucket list is a great way to set yourself life goals. No doubt this will continually change and expand but in no particular order, here goes…


  1. The Northern Lights/Igloo hotel
Chilling out! The hotel property is made up of 40 glass and snow igloos - and all are temperature-controlled

I would love, love, love to see the northern lights from the comfort of one of these amazing igloos. Just look at it, how breath-taking. What an experience this would be!

Image result for igloo and northern lights

2. Christmas stay at Lapland 

Image result for lapland

I would love to visit Lapland during the month of December. I love the festive season and it would be so awesome to go here!

3. Snorkelling

Image result for snorkeling

Maybe I’ll find Nemo while I’m down there?


4. Honeymoon in Hawaii

Image result for Hawaii

Say no more


5. Eat Pizza in Italy

Image result for heart shaped pizza


6.  Swim under a Water fall

Image result for swim under a waterfall

7. Go shopping in Dubai

Image result for Dubai


8. Camel ride with a pyramid view


Wouldn’t this be amazing?


9. Cross the Glass Bridge in China


Have a feeling I’d chicken out of this one


10. Alpine Slide


Found in Switzerland- this would be epic!



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