The Body Shop: Dare To Mask Event Review

I was recently invited by my local Body Shop to attend their Dare to Mask face party event. I’ve been on a quest lately to update my beauty products and whilst different products are constantly being released, sometimes it can be a little overwhelming finding the perfect product for you. Know what I mean?

When the store manager informed me that the event would include a free consultation and demonstration of their face mask range I couldn’t be happier! It was so great being able to talk to a trained professional about the benefits of each mask and the importance of the ingredients used. I have quite sensitive skin as well as my previously mentioned nut allergy so I have to be very selective when picking up products.

My session started with addressing my allergies and establishing a face mask suitable for sensitive skin. I got to try out the Ethiopian Honey deep nourishing facemask. Even the name sounds yummy! Starting with a cleanse, the consultant applied toner to my face and neck. As we discussed the importance of the T-zone area, I was able to build an understanding of the areas she would be focusing on.

Onto the main event- the Ethiopian Honey deep nourishing facemask. Did you know that most of The Body Shop’s face mask range are Vegan friendly? This one was 100% vegetarian friendly. It spread so easily with the facial mask brush as if the honey were melting into my skin.It honestly smelt so amazing! Imagine dessert but for you face, I was lost in an indulgent frenzy. My face became drizzled in goodness and I had to let it sit for a good 5 mintues.


Smothered in honey goodness

What’s better than some biscuits and a non-alcoholic mojito to pass the time?


Final Result

Rounding up my treatment, it was time to wash away the honey mask and unveil my pampered skin. Would I see a difference? My verdict: ABSOLUTELY. The Ethiopian Honey deep nourishing facemask not only left my skin feeling softer, there was also a radiant glow which I noticed instantly!

And as if that wasn’t enough, take a look at all of my sample goodies given to me to try. I am so excited to get stuck into these products and review them.



A huge thank you to The Body Shop for providing this face mask treatment. It really is beneficial to try before you buy. I now feel a bit more confident in finding products suitable for my sensitive skin type and can’t wait to get my hands on the right purchase.

Product review post coming soon!





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