A Summer’s Day

British summer comes with no guarantee and whilst we’ve been having such great weather this month, it’s important to soak up the sun at any given opportunity!

Doing what I do best, I decided to whip out my  camera and embark on an adventure day with my friend. I’m currently trying to build a portfolio to show for my love in photography and thought it would be a great opportunity to get some nature shots.


Starting with my beautiful friend Evelynne, she was giving me all sorts of life in her ‘Are you ready’ Zara top.

Clearly out of my depths I attempted to balance and jump off of a pole in the park all in the spirit of getting a good picture. Did I do well?


Nature and Pollution

Walking past a lake, we saw a family of ducks enjoying a swim. What seemed like a perfect photo opportunity was also a little wake up call. Can you see the contrast between nature and pollution in these photo’s? The natural habitat of these creatures have been compromised, forcing them to adapt…it’s all abit sad to be honest.




Flower Power

Now one of my favourite elements of nature, flowers. I love taking photos of flowers, from capturing the range of vibrant colours to the wide spectrum of intricate detail- flowers make for the perfect close up shot!



I Love Sunflowers


Isn’t this so chic for a pub?



An Asparagus plant?! – we’ll get into that…

The Cutest Garden

Have you seen my friends garden?! I personally think its so cute and filled with dozens of blog worthy design aspects that I had to share with you guys.



Tutu-The trained robin

My friend’s mum is a keen gardener and very enthusiastic when it comes to nature. Speaking of which, I’d like you to meet Tutu.. their ‘pet’ robin. This bird is actually trained and has taken habit to greeting them for food whenever they venture into the garden…this includes guests! Tutu co-operated with me for a few shots so lets give her some limelight.


A few more pretty bits and bobs…



Shot of the day


Remember that asparagus plant I mentioned earlier? Who knew that they actually bloom into a beautiful flower like the one above? Not me. I think this was actually my photo highlight of the day because I found its design so tranquilizing.

I had a great day exploring nature with my friend and adding to my portfolio, I think I got some great shots- how about you?

Thank you for reading, you can guarantee I will be posting more on my photography venture’s now that I have made up my mind to pursue this I’m hoping to embark on a few projects!


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