A relaxing massage review: Jo Malone

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I recently visited the Jo Malone store based in my local area and was left completely satisfied with my experience.

Having originally entered the store in the hopes of browsing and sampling products in their new range. I was pleasantly surprised to have been offered a complimentary arm massage.

I have never had the pleasure of experiencing a massage before, let alone an arm massage! I was delighted at the opportunity and honestly couldn’t have said yes quick enough.

IMG_9139  As you can see the massaging station was laid out very elegantly, stocked with fresh towels and lime infused water available to me at any point. One thing that attracts me most about a brands store is the presentation. Jo Malone has a very elegant chic tone about it, depicting black and white as their signature colours and radiating a fresh, modern feel.




IMG_9141Before starting my experience, the sales assistant made sure to go over the procedure with me and to also find out if I had any allergies. Of course, being allergic to nuts I am quite limited with products I am able to use. You can imagine my despair as I prepared for most of the products to be ruled out, however this wasn’t a problem. Jo Malone offer a wide selection of products ranging from fresh fruity scents to warm, rich infused undertones. I began to feel excited again for my treatment.



IMG_9144We decided to go for their fruity range which also had a warm undertone, the best of both worlds! This is usually the type of scents I lean towards for most of my products, however I must say that Jo Malone’s item range are quite distinctive.

Starting with a …body scrub, a light pressure was applied to exfoliate the product. The smell was simply amazing! The…body scrub makes for a great primer and really penetrates the skin to create a smooth finish.

A freshly steamed towel, infused with the Jo Malone signature scent: Lime Basil and Mandarin was then used to dry my arms and prepare for the conditioning process. We  used the Blackberry and Bay body cream, teamed with the sweetly scented Velvet Rose and Oud dry oil. This was the first time I had ever heard of a dry oil and was amazed at the sheen it left whilst proving not be oily at all!

For the ultimate finish, my arms were spritz with the Blackberry and Bay cologne. An indulgent scent, rich in its kind for a bold statement.

I absolutely loved my experience and would like to say a big thank you to Jo Malone for providing this complimentary treatment. The sales advisor was so patient with me and delivered a tailor made pampering session which I will never forget.


IMG_9138I also received a sample pouch of some of the products used within my treatment. I’m so excited to re-live the experience within the comfort of my home and hope to be making a purchase from Jo Malone soon!

Want to experience a complimentary hand and arm massage tailored to your mood? Visit in store any Jo Malone branch and you can experience one of the many treatments they have available!




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