Why I’ve been quiet on the blogging scene

Hey all,

Considering my last post was titled ‘How I deal with anxiety/ finding your mojo’ its safe to stay I’ve fallen off of my own bandwagon. Let me explain…

About 2-3 years ago I started blogging, fresh with ideas, stars in my eyes packed with hope and ambition. I’d always wanted to get into writing, a passion that developed from a love of reading when I was younger. I’ve always admired the ways in which the rights words if put together effectively, can transport you into another world…a sense of escapism. And for a period of time, that’s exactly what blogging became to me.

By posting blogs, this always allowed me to reign in this eagerness I had to be creative and reflect it with meaningful content. I felt my writing had purpose and just to receive views and positive comments was amazing to me. It made me feel happy and gave me a sense of contempt knowing that some people liked what I had to say.

At some point things started to shift for me. As I have gotten older, its safe to say Life became real. Leaving school, job applications, making money… priorities have definitely changed. I’d chosen not to go to university to instead start focusing on making money straight away. The passion for hobbies such as blogging seemed to have faded somewhere in amongst all of that.

Sometimes I wonder if that would have been the ultimate game changer for me, had I of gone to uni, would i be in my dream job role, in a much happier position?  Would that happiness be enough fuel to drive my creative ambitions and commit to my hobbies? And could that drive towards my hobbies have lead me to amazing opportunities?

SLAP IN THE FACE TIME. There is no right or wrong answer. All this anxiety built up I have to admit is sometimes self inflicted and can honestly be so draining. I’m starting to accept the fact that everyone’s path is crafted uniquely for them and them only. Social media has a big impact on my level of productiveness i have to admit. At times i find myself completely caught up with what ‘the perfect lifestyle’ is due to all the ideas and images being pushed upon us as a society. I’ve touched on this subject in my recent video called ’10 ways to kickstart your day/how to stay motivated’ This is the type of content I’d like to get back to.

I’m happy to say that I am going to get back into blogging again. My aim is to get back into producing content on here, experiment with different styles of writing, work on projects and spark an all round area of interest for readers. I’m excited to tap back into that driven mentality I originally had and look forward to posting more often!


= )







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