February- Monthly round up

Let’s catch up with a monthly round up!

Hey guys,

In spirit of a new season, I thought it would be great to look back into some highlights from the month of February. Here are a few areas that I wanted to recap:

Work life: New job, Monthly Favourites: Clothes, products and books and lastly how I am maintaining a positive attitude. Let’s get into it…

  1. Work Life

I’ve been a busy bee this month in terms of my work life. As some of you may not know I currently do temping work. I find this style of work so diverse as it takes me to various industries, meeting interesting people along the way. Aswell as forming great friendships, I’m gaining an insight into different industries as I go- which I Love!

My latest assignment has taken me to a Financial company which specialises in Shareholders. I’m currently based in the Learning and Development department of the organisation and really enjoying my experience. I’m currently on my 4th week at the company which has surprisingly gone so quickly! Without going to in depth into my work life, I’m seeing the possibility for great opportunities and would love to gain a permanent position!


2. Monthly Favourites


  1. White blouse from Primark £10
  2. 2. Olive Green Mac from Newlook £30- in love with the colour and thought the price was a bargain!
  3. Faux suede gilet from Blue Vanilla- a gift from a friend. Super cosy!
  4. Sudafed, I already know what your thinking. Yes it’s random, but if you suffer from sinus problems like me at this time of year then this stuff is the bomb! -£2.99 (Or something like that)
  5. French Vanilla Copper Candles from Primark- £2.50. I’m seriously in love with the colour of these babies, and they smell great!
  6. Plad Scarf from Blue Inc-£4.99. I’ve wanted a scarf like this for so long, super stylish!
  7. ‘Its not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be’by Paul Arden- Amazon, £7.99
  8. Leather Cap from H&M, £6.99. I love hats and this is my first purchase of a cap. Definitely making movements for spring/summer!


3. Positive Mindset

Inlight of my last post, sharing how I deal with anxiety, I wanted to keep up the positive vibes. I’m trying to stay consistent when faced with difficult situations and really see the positive in every situation.

Life happens, things shift and God has a funny way of always keeping you on your toes. But whatever problems arise, always remember that you are greater than your situation. Any questions lurking around, causing you to doubt yourself is just a minor glitch, you’ve got this. Own your amazing abilities, conquer your fears and always be present in the moment- that’s what I’m trying to do from this point onwards.

Have an amazing month guys! Here’s March’s agenda for the blog:








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