How I deal with anxiety/Finding my mojo

Hello guys,

Its been quite a while since I’ve taken to my blog and I have to say, I’ve missed posting dearly!


The only way to explain my absence would be my lack of motivation. I’ve spent quite a while feeling disengaged not only with my writing skills, but also my inner ability to persevere. To put it shortly, it’s been rough.

But the purpose of this post is not to take up a negative form, I’d like to share my experience of breaking through my ‘slump’ stage and regaining my mojo!!

For many readers that may not know, I deal with anxiety on a daily basis. This can occur from anything as little as overthinking/ over analysing situations to outright anxiety/panic attacks. For many years this affected my confidence and I will say put a hinderence on how I would communicate with others. It’s like wanting to unlock this greater person inside of you but feeling as though you are your biggest obstacle, and for many instances I have been.

I would have to say recently, the biggest revelation for me is realising I also have control over the situation. Both religion and having great supportive people around me has helped to remind me that I am blessed and highly favoured…and I have the correct tools to tap into all the qualities I have to offer.

My advice to anyone who may be dealing with anxiety or even an unmotivated stage in your life would be to take a moment, and really concentrate on yourself. Look beyond the mirror and ask yourself if you are happy with the person you are on the inside. And if your content that’s great! This post is not to put anyone down. But for me it’s helped to really focus on areas of improvements for myself and spurred me to start setting goals again.

One of the biggest preventers which has helped to keep me upbeat and away from those down periods is to just get up and go! Whenever I feel as though anxiety might be taking a toll, I have to keep it moving otherwise there is the very danger of being trapped in a negative state that I do not want myself to fall under. There’s other techniques I’ve adapted to fit my situation along the way too, but with time I’m feeling more in control.

I’m making it a motto of mines to only have ‘good vibes, and good energy’ in my life. Remember that you are like a magnet and what you put out will only come back to you… I choose positivity.

Anyways, this was only intended to be a short post just to update you on what’s been going on and hopefully set the tone for what’s to come on my blog. I’m hoping to post more frequently and get back to my love of writing. I’m hoping to have a few updates coming shortly as there’s so much to catch up on, more product reviews and to get my YouTube channel back up and pumping!

I’ve missed blogging so much and can’t wait to get back to engagement and all that good stuff. But until then, just remember guys…


Happy Blogging

(for any questions you might have further on how I deal with anxiety feel free to ask. I only wanted to lightly touch on the subject because I kind of don’t like to make it my life = ) )






9 thoughts on “How I deal with anxiety/Finding my mojo

    • Just Rhibee says:

      Haha thanks so much. Positive vibes is the new way forward. I really have no time for negative energy in my life. Stay focuses on achieving your goals and I’m sure your pessimistic ways will soon be a thing of the past! = )


  1. Jasmine says:

    Great post and tips! I’ve dealt with anxiety as well and it’s definitely important to realize how much we actually have control over it. Whenever I feel myself falling back in I pray, I take a deep breath and I keep it going. I have to realize that anxiety is there but don’t feed into it! I hope your anxiety keeps getting better and when you find yourself falling back in read your own post for encouragement. I do that alot with my own post!

    Jasmine 🙂


  2. roberta994 says:

    I understand what you’re going thru but you have a good positive attitude and motto. Just stick to that and you will be ok 🙂 maybe some meditation or breathing exercises would help you. My motto is: challenge builds your strength. So keep in mind that everything you’re going thru is a challenge and you will learn from it and grow as a person. Anyways, have a great week 🙂 xx


  3. Violinkit says:

    Great post and I admire your honesty. I feel down myself frequently and I find getting my coat and getting out if only walking my dog until it passes is the best .” Keep moving” like you said.


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