The Cake & Bake show-Excel London

Hey guys,

Just recently I went along to the Cake and Bake show held at the Excel Centre in London between 2-4 October at the London Excel Centre.


For anyone that travels around, you may have seen some advertisements posted around the train and tube stations(that’s if you get a chance, we know that London travelling life is hard at peak times!). I was delighted to learn that Great Cakiness would be participating this year with a stall of their very own!

image image image

Great Cakiness

Incase you missed my last post on Great Cakiness, they are a cake business run by my lovely Aunty Denise Moore. It’s great to see how she has developed her passion into a booming business and I was more than happy to show support at the event.

At the Cake and Bake show I came across some amazing designs that I just had to snap up for you guys! From cakes to delicious baked goodies, the event had it all.

image image image

You could really feel the buzz in the venue, everyone was eager to get their hands on various tasters up for grabs. I know I did. One stall shocked me with a chocolatey baked goodie that had me in a food frenzie(unfortunately I didn’t take note of the name of the company). Usually I dislike chocolatey desserts(chocolate cake, brownies, chocolate spread, chocolate milk-that type of thing. Chocolate on its own I love though, don’t get me wrong) but surprisingly it had a melt in the mouth taste that I loved!

image image image

As the event approached an end I checked back at Great Cakiness’ stall, shocked to see that nearly all produce had been sold. It’s not surprising, as the amazing cake variety and baked treats up for offer generated a lot of traffic at the stall. I literally had to wait for the crowd to die down to even get a look myself!

With a constant flow of people stopping by to check the stall out, I’d say it was a great gain for Great Cakiness. I definitely had fun and want to thank Great Cakiness for my tickets hook up! I look forward to further ventures by Denise Moore.

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel where I will be posting a Vlog featuring The Cake and Bake show.

You can see my latest video here:


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