Wedding Fair

Today i went to see a local wedding fair held in Bromley Court Hotel. The venue was amazing, with 3 rooms dedicated to displaying wedding themed elements, it truely was breathtaking.


20150906_150252  As soon as you entered the doors, this beautifully designed wedding dress made me stop in my tracks. I had to admire its intricate detailing and beautiful beading.

Now, i love a little bit of sparkle and some of the accessories on display were captivating.

20150906_145148 20150906_145153 20150906_145140

And lets not forget the elegant lighting

20150906_150020 image

Here are a few more elements i felt had a nice touch.



This was definetly a sweet attraction!


There were also some really nice flower arrangements on display provided by The Beckenham Flower Studio.





I found this design quite amazing as I’ve never seen this type of arrangement done before! So simple yet so elegant…


Now what’s a wedding fair without some beautiful cake designs.



From the elegant  lighting to the sparkly accessories, it’s safe to say I found the design elements of the wedding fair quite impressionable. The experience was very enjoyable and I would recommend anyone with an interest in weddings or events to attend one of these!

Hope you enjoyed this post = )







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