Great Cakiness Pop up shop experience

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Today, I found myself in the mood for some cake and couldn’t wait to visit Great Cakiness at their pop up Café. For anyone local to the area, you may have seen some posters or even flyers advertising their one week takeover at The Broadway Cafe in Catford.


Its nice to carve some space for a little chill time, whether it be a nice hot bath or kicking back with a cuppa we all have our preferred ways. And why shouldn’t we? Its important! For me, I chose to wind down with a nice hot chocolate and scrumptious cupcake whilst at the café and have to say…it was a lovely experience.

Many faces popped into the venues welcoming atmosphere and enjoyed the delicious cakes on offer. What made the venue so welcoming were some of the sweet touches made to the décor and the business owners friendly manner. Check out this amazing candle display with soft pink fairy lights. I found the design so captivating as I absolutely love girly touches like this! Pink is definitely the way forward in my books and no doubt its inspired me to add a feature like this in my own room(maybe not saying ‘cakes’ of course!)

IMG_2493 Love!

Of course I couldn’t leave without taking some cute cupcakes home so I could relive the yummy taste experience again! Oh, lets not forget I wanted to share it with my family as well (or did I?)


If you didn’t catch Great Cakiness at their pop up café this week you most certainly missed out. Be sure to check out their website where you can request tailor made orders as well as keep up with their movements, I have a feeling business will be booming for the company! My Great Cakiness visit will also feature in my next Youtube Vlog, be sure to check out my channel.

Until then…cake anyone?

Links to Great Cakiness:




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