The Bloggers Market

The Bloggers Market, held at The Hoxton Hotel in Holborn was a great turnout.

DSC_3411   DSC_3412

Fashionista’s, Bloggers and Vloggers all gathered for the event in a bid to browse all the amazing styles up for grabs!!

DSC_3399 DSC_3397

All of the products on offer were provided by none other than well known bloggers themselves: WishWishWish, What Olivia Did, ShinyThoughts, I Want You To Know and Dearest Deer.The girls put together The Bloggers Market with the spirit of wanting to create a cool environment where Fashion bloggers can get together and share their love of fashion and Network at the same time! For the blogging community its very important to build contacts and establish a strong relationship with your readers, so having the insight to share tips and experiences was greatly embraced by all attendees!

DSC_3405 IMG_2140[1]

I met with the lovely Dunya ( and Lucy ( and have to say the experience was enjoyable. The girls were extremely friendly and approachable and after receiving a persuasive bid by Dunya herself me and my sister both made a cheeky purchase from some of her clothes on offer. We learned about some of her purchases, like a beautiful coat which she purchased in Madrid…talk about a cultural buy!

Thanks for the card Lucy( Guys, you seriously need to check out Lucy’s page, her site oozes cool trends to it finest!


Aside from the great clothes and accessories on offer, there were also other elements to the The Bloggers Market such as yummy food and a room dedicated to hair and makeup. All was welcomed to try out the Sushi bar provided by Yo Sushi. And if like me, Sushi isn’t quite your thing then don’t worry…Krispy Kreme donuts definitely did the trick. All that was required was for you to take to social media and either tweet or post to instagram to share your food experience with others.

IMG_2175  IMG_2176

As you can tell, I couldn’t wait to demolish mine!

Overall I had an amazing time at The Bloggers Market! It had a buzzy atmosphere plus I got some great bargains and met some pretty cool people. If you’d like to see some footage of the event plus a haul of me and my sisters purchases, please head over to my YouTube channel- Rhiann O’Connor, for more. (Video will be up next week)


Happy Blogging!!!




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