‘Do it Afraid’

Be not Afraid

Have you ever been convinced that after a certain amount of time, your fear or anxiety towards a certain thing will eventually disappear? As if you just need to build your strength a little more before being able to conquer this certain issue. Got that fear in your mind? Hold it there.

Now imagine the anxiety and stress you cause on yourself each time you think about the draining process of making that first step, building that courage and riding it out. As humans we automatically revert to fear when new challenges arise, its natural and reminds us that we’re still alive. But have you ever thought that half the battle is coming to a capable mind set, actually allowing yourself to move forward?

Don’t block yourself from reaching success out of fear, ‘Do it Afraid’. This quote is taken from a book I’m currently reading which is called ‘Be not Afraid’. It introduces a whole new perspective on how to view fear and suggests positive attitudes to embrace. If you’ just do’ instead of planning ‘to do’, you’ll find the outcome to be so much more rewarding and less stressful. That niggling thought that tells you, ‘wait, hold on before you try to do that’, is deceiving you from believing you have the actual strength to achieve. Whether its a personal fear like heights or making movements to achieving your dreams, there’s no rule stating you need to be in perfect form before taking action. Just have faith!

2015 I’d like to set myself some ‘do it afraid’ moments starting with frequent blog posts. I’m not doubting that I have the ability on delivering good content, but I do believe I have been blocking myself out of the fear on how I may be perceived. It’s time to adapt a ‘do you’ attitude and just step into what’s yours. And if you make a mistake, so what? The opposite of failure is success, so they may seem completely different but in reality its just ‘two sides of the same coin’ as suggested in Be not Afraid.

I’ll leave you with this last quote taken from my current read, ‘Success isn’t necessarily permanent, and failure isn’t necessarily fatal. Defeats are just instalments on the way to victory!’. What would you do if you were not afraid to fail? Do it Afraid!


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