Caping over the world

One of my most recent classy looks. This look implemented two great factors for me, 1. Elegance and 2. My most loved colour at the moment maroon!!! As you can see I chose to wear a maroon bowler hat (H&M) over my oh so sleek straight hair. Now I must admit…I always think hats look better on me when I’m wearing straight hair, simply because of that polished look it gives it. But recently I’ve been experimenting with buns and hats and I’m liking the results- so I’ll be sure to create some looks with that combo. Anyways back to this look: my chequed poncho (select) was worn over a crisp white blouse which shows the collars peeking out. And just for that overall completeness I’ve thrown in a maroon bag in the background which I purchased from new look.

I love how my highlights have now grown out and faded into my ends to create a slight ombré effect, it just adds abit of colour pop to the mix. To see my ‘get ready with me’ video on just how I styled this look you can head over to my YouTube channel. Subscribe subscribe subscribe and…happy blogging!


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